Striking a balance between packing light and remembering all the essentials for a long trip is certainly not easy. Fortunately, there are a plethora of packing lists across the web you can use to prepare for an interrailing trip. I found Unjaded Jade’s video ‘Everything I Packed for a Month of Interrailing Solo’ an extremely useful checklist. Beyond clothes and toiletries, below, I discuss the essential items everybody forgets to pack for interrailing.

Be sure to double check you have these items if you are heading out travelling this summer.

1. Tupperware and a spork

These handy items are great if you want to cook in the evening and store your leftovers for lunch the next day, especially if you are heading through places where food prices are high.

2. Sheet Cover

These days most hostels will be well furnished for your stay. However, it is a good idea to bring a sheet cover in case any of your beds don’t have sheets or feel a little dirty.

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3. Adaptor

It goes without saying you will need to take chargers and a portable power bank to keep all your devices charged. Remember that UK plugs will not fit the plug sockets abroad however, so you will need to take an adaptor and maybe a spare.

4. Personal Safety Alarm

Especially if you are exploring cities alone, or at night, it is essential that you carry a personal safety alarm and keep it somewhere you can easily access. Many Universities will give students alarms for free on campus, or you can order one online for a couple of pounds.

5. Notebook and pen

From creating a video diary to taking polaroids, there are a multitude of ways you can document your trip. However, if like me, your phone is usually on 1% or you fancy recording your feelings and opinions during your adventure, nothing beats having a pen and paper handy to scribble in while on a long train journey.

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