Guide To University Of Sheffield Halls
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Guide To University Of Sheffield Halls

Caitlin Hart August 8, 2022

Are you heading to the University of Sheffield soon? There is a ton of university-owned accommodation to choose from. Take a look at our handy guide to determine which is best for you.

Self Select

The best thing about the University of Sheffield’s accommodation is the self select process. This means that you can choose everything, including which halls, flat and bedroom you want. If you want a bigger flat with more housemates you can choose flats of up to 12 students. If you’re more interested in keeping your living space quieter, flats of four are available. Every student will write a small description of themselves before booking accommodation, and you can read about the students who have already booked a room. This means that you can choose to live with people who are most similar to you.

Endcliffe Village

Endcliffe is the biggest and most popular area of accommodation for the University of Sheffield. It includes both shared bathroom and en-suite accommodation and flats range from 4-10 bedrooms. In the centre of Endcliffe you will find the Edge, which has a study space on the ground floor and a bar on the second, and the Village Shop, a small corner shop. Endcliffe has plenty of greenery, with the green and the pond being popular destinations for a drink in the summer.

Many say that Endcliffe is the most sociable of the accommodation and, in my own experience, they aren’t wrong. Most nights you will hear other students heading towards town and there are often flat parties in the village. It can get a little noisy sometimes but is definitely worth it if you enjoy a night out.

The only downside about Endcliffe is the distance from town. If you’re looking to walk to university or towards the clubs, it takes around 40 minutes. There is a bus for just £1 and Ubers are typically only around £5, but you are a little while from the main city. This being said, Broomhill, the area of Sheffield where Endcliffe is situated, is very close to plenty of pubs, shops and parks, so you won’t be short of things to do on your doorstep.

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Ranmoor Village

Ranmoor is just a couple of minutes walk away from Endcliffe and, for the most part, they are very similar. The flats look identical to those in Endcliffe. However, they only offer en-suite options. Ranmoor does not have a bar or shop but does have the Ridge which is a study/social area for the village and its own gym. The gym is open to Ranmoor and Endcliffe residents and the cost of this is included in your rent.

The main difference is the size. Ranmoor is around half the size of Endcliffe and is known for being the quieter of the two. If you’re less keen on a party every night, Ranmoor might be the place for you.

Allen Court

Allen Court is the university’s main city centre accommodation. Situated just across the road from the Diamond, it is in a prime location just minutes away from university. The rooms are a little more modern and spacious than those in Endcliffe and Ranmoor, but they do come at a higher cost. Allen Court includes a gym and common room for socialising with your flatmate. It also has a front desk reception and security so you will never miss a parcel and always feel a little safer.

Similarly to Ranmoor, Allen Court is known for being a little quieter and less sociable than Endcliffe. This being said, it is a five minute walk away from West Street, where all the main bars and clubs are, so your flat will be perfect for pres.

Broad Lane Court

Just next door to Allen Court, Broad Lane is in the perfect city centre location and just a five-minute walk to town and university. Broad Lane Court offers shared bathroom accommodation and is the cheapest of Sheffield University’s owned accommodation.

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