Hilarious Tweets About UCAS We Can't Stop Laughing At
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Hilarious Tweets About UCAS We Can't Stop Laughing At

Ella Kipling December 31, 2021

We all remember the days: sat at your computer with clammy hands waiting to press the ‘submit’ button to send the most important application of you life so far. At this point, you’ve visited universities and chosen your top five. You are deep into A-Level revision and you’ve spent months fine-tuning your personal statement. In all honesty, you’re absolutely sick of the UCAS website and cannot wait to put the stress of it behind you.

As a final year university student, I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Now you have to brace yourself for the emails telling you whether you’ve been got an offer by your top choices…and the dreaded results day in August.

Luckily, you’re not alone. As is always the way, strangers online have bonded over the nightmare that is UCAS by making memes.

Here are some of our favourites

Ever told a white lie on an application? Looks like this person has (something they probably shouldn’t broadcast on the internet).

On December 22nd, a video went viral online showing young actor Noah Schnapp’s reaction to getting accepted into college. Thousands of people responded, and it seems that plenty of UK students were somewhat overwhelmed with his reaction.

This sparked a Twitter conversation about UCAS, and the apparently much more subdued reaction of British students checking their UCAS emails on results day.

Nothing is worse than seeing you have an email from a university but the UCAS site is down. I mean, just tell me if I’ve got an offer already! Patience doesn’t exist when it comes to finding out about your future and the wait can be absolutely excruciating at times.

We can all relate to feeling on edge every time your phone goes off when you’re waiting to hear back from universities. The sweaty palms, the intake of breath, the final moments before finding out if you’ve been given an offer. If this is something you’ve gone through, you are not the only one.

Uh oh! Let’s hope they figure it out…

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