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Horoscope Apps You Can Download To Give You Guidance

Molly Raby June 30, 2023

Are horoscopes a signpost to making important life decisions or just harmless fun? Whichever you think, the world of astrology is becoming more popular each year. As we try to find guidance in the stars, many people are turning to their phones for daily affirmations and predictions that could help us navigate the world. If you are one of these people, here are a handful of great horoscope apps that can help you on your journey.

Astrology Zone

If you are looking for daily guidance and horoscopes, then Astrology Zone is the app. Here you are given your daily and monthly horoscopes as well as being able to check your compatibility with other users.

Another attraction to this app is that you can read essay from renowned astrologer Susan Miller. If you sign up to the premium, paid version, you can read more extensive essays from Miller as well as getting exclusives such as looking forward to next weeks horoscopes. There is also a free version with limited features.


Co-Star is arguably the most well-known horoscope app, with over 170,000 reviewers on the App Store recommending it. This app allows you to see your natal chart in depth and provides you with an array of horoscopes related to romance, friendship and general life.

You can link up with your friends on Co-Star and figure out how much of a good (or bad) paring you are. Some of the horoscopes given on Co-Star can be very forward, so prepare to hear some home truths.

Whilst there is the option for a paid subscription, you can access most of the content on offer with the free version.

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Time Passages

Whether you are a beginner or a horoscope veteran, Time Passages is accessible to everyone. You can check out your birth chart and learn all about the meanings of where your sign, moon and rising signs are. The app also lets you know about upcoming moon phases that may affect you, so you can be ready.

There is also a large glossary of astrological terms and phrases, with in-depth descriptions about what they mean. So, even if you just come for a daily affirmation and horoscope, you will inevitably end up learning something.

The Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope is easy to navigate and is a very aesthetically pleasing app. As well as your typical daily horoscopes, you also receive a mood, lucky number and specific lucky time of the day.

This app allows you to delve deeper into your own sign. You can learn what elements, planets and symbols link to you and your sign. You can also share these revelations with your friends.

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