The Best House Party Theme Ideas
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The Best House Party Theme Ideas

Michael Rodrigues De Jesus September 18, 2022

Choosing a theme for a house party can be stressful. Well stress no more, here are some great ideas for you and your friends to try out.

Under The Sea

This theme is super fun! From costumes and makeup to house decor and cocktails to choose from, your creative freedom is endless. 

I recently attended an Under The Sea themed birthday party at university and I was impressed to say the least. The house was decorated with colourful tissue paper hanging from the ceilings to imitate seaweed. Cut-outs of fish were stuck on all of the walls to ensure you didn’t forget that you too were in the ocean with them. Lastly, the guests looked incredible too. There were some famous fish (I found Nemo!), some swimmers and others took inspiration from the colours of the sea and rocked stunning makeup looks. 

As you can see this theme allows you to express your creativity in any way you like. Not a fan of the sea? Not a problem! Switch out the sea for a different biome, maybe the desert? 

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Let’s face it. Most of us probably aren’t getting married whilst in the middle of our degrees (some are and congrats to them!). But wouldn’t it be fun to play pretend for one night and have a trial run of the big night which may be waiting for you sometime in the future?

What’s more you are allowed to make mistakes on this night that you won’t be able to on the real one. 

This theme gives you and your friends an excuse to play the most ridiculous hen-party and stag-do games and wear silly matching outfits. 

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Dress As Your Favourite Meme

Unlike the other themes mentioned thus far, this one rests mainly on the outfit choice. Nonetheless it is still a great option for a house-party. Fortunately there a thousands of memes to choose from, so deciding which one should not be an issue. 

A few of my favourite meme costumes that I have seen at parties are:

  • Kermit the frog
  • Dwayne Johnson’s viral photo where he rocks (no pun intended) a black turtleneck with a chain and bum bag.
  • Distracted boyfriend (for this costume you need two others to complete the meme)
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Anything that starts with (insert letter)

Once again, this theme is more about the costumes than the decor or party games. Your letter choice can be random or it can have some thought to it if you’d like. For instance, if the party is celebrating a birthday perhaps the letter could be the initial of the birthday person. Your guests, as well as yourself, would then have to dress up as something that begins with that letter. 

To put things into perspective, let’s say you chose the letter “B”. You could dress as:

  • Beyoncé
  • Bear
  • Bat
  • Bowling Pin
  • Banana (and so much more!)
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