It’s that time of year. Many students are ready to submit their final pieces of work and wave goodbye to university education. Graduation is just round the corner and students are looking forward to what their future might hold. Some will be heading off to work straight away, others may choose to travel, others may be continuing on with their education. However, in a world where young people find it difficult to find somewhere to live and must also contend with a mountain of student debt, many have no choice but to return to their family homes to live. My question is: How do students feel about this?

The reason I wanted to get a grasp of how students felt was simply out of curiosity. For students who have spent a vast amount of time away from home at university, it may feel like a complete backwards step. Furthermore, relinquishing some of the freedoms they are given when living away can be difficult to cope with. On the other hand, students returning home to their families may feel happy and content in their own home towns. Not to mention all the home cooking! I thought it best to chat with a couple of students and gain their thoughts on this potentially delicate issue. 

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Photo by Marc Kleen on Time to chill

Mark is a student getting ready to graduate and is currently facing this very issue. However, he was clear how it would feel for him to return home after university. When asked about this, he replied, ‘I couldn’t imagine anything more relaxing! Not having to cook every single day, no lectures, seminars, assignments and exams. And of course a massive alcohol detox!’

While this response did surprise me somewhat, it was at least interesting to hear someone who has absolutely no problem returning home after spending three years away. 

‘Big jump’

My second respondent asked to remain anonymous but was also very clear in their thoughts. ‘As much as it would be nice, I would feel a little bit restricted and confined. It is a big jump to go from living at university to then going back home after it all. That being said it is nice to have the weight off your shoulders in terms of having to look after yourself’.

A completely contrasting response, which I think would echo many other student’s views on this subject. 

For myself I think I would agree with the second respondent. Going back home after university would feel like going back to the world you left several years before. You will return home a completely different person and, while being at home is lovely, I think I’d feel out of place. That being said, there is absolutely no shame in going back home after university. As I said at the start, living after university can be expensive and impractical, so returning home is often the best option. And as Mark pointed out, no lectures to attend, no assignments to write, no food to cook. It doesn’t sound that bad to me at all!