The change from first to third year is drastic. The once bright eyed and bushy tailed fresher is beaten down by academia. Emerging a tired and resentful almost-grad. You’re bound to change throughout university. And one of these changes is your revision methods. Read on to find out how you’ve evolved over the years.

Your revision prep:

First year: Most freshers don’t intensely prepare for their exams. Instead, they organise group study sessions that turn swiftly into afternoon drinking. It’s a good job most first year grades don’t count.

Third year: No matter how much a third year tries, they’re never on top of their work. Stress and avoidance behaviour are second nature. And multiple all-nighters are the only way to survive.

man in black crew neck t-shirt holding drinking glasses
Photo by Blake Wisz on Revision notes:

First year: All show and no substance. You spend more time making your notes look pretty than actually learning anything. But at least it’s a chance to use those fancy highlighter pens you bought before uni.

Third year: Your notes are similar to Sigmund Freud’s during an intense mental breakdown. And they probably make the same amount of sense. The information is scattered and you probably won’t be able to find the essay plan you made an hour ago.

In the library:

First year: You go to the library early, do an hour of work and reward yourself with a Sainsbury’s meal deal taking the rest of the day off.

Third year: Bitter, exhausted and already on your third red bull. Unable to concentrate because of how many freshers are in the library – Why won’t they shut up?

Your meeting with your academic advisor:

First year: For those who actually show up, it’s a breeze. They answer all the questions you had and offer good advice. You leave more equipped to take your first exam.

Third year: For anyone who didn’t cry and ask for an extension. Well done, you’re stronger than the rest of us.

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Photo by Elisa Ventur on The night before

First year: You’re not too stressed, you’ve done the best you can and everything will be fine.

Third year: Manically reading and re-reading your revision notes until you pass out from exhaustion.

The results:

You won’t be surprised that you achieved better grades in your final year than your first. At least the hard work paid off!