How Growing Your Own Fruit And Vegetables Can Beat Stress
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How Growing Your Own Fruit And Vegetables Can Beat Stress

Cicely McFarlane June 5, 2022

Finding a hobby that can produce something tasty is a great way to destress. Getting back to Mother Nature and learning how to care, feed, grow plants, fruits and vegetables is a wonderful and rewarding hobby.

As summer approaches, and hopefully the weather improves, you will be able to grow something that you have always wanted to. In the process, you can also learn more about the art of gardening.

Gardening not only gets you outside, it enables you to be able to care for something other than yourself!

This massively destresses you, takes your mind off any work or deadlines you might have coming up, and allows you to get your hands dirty. Remember to keep putting the effort in to ensure you have something tasty at the end of all this hard work.

Below are some of the fruit and vegetables that I would suggest planting and why.


You can plant this in a pot or in the ground, whatever you prefer, and wherever you have the most space.

Rhubarb is a plant that will grow in bulk. If you want something where you can see clearly what has been produced from all of your efforts, this is definitely for you.

This doesn’t take much maintenance at all.

In fact there have been many people who have stated that their rhubarb plants just continue to regrow every year without any effort.

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Placing your seedlings into a large pot, attending to them with water if it becomes a bit dry, and then watching your lettuce grow is as simple as this can be.

Salad is best planted in the cooler months so, even though it is coming up to summer, as the weather is still not scorching hot, get planting soon!


Tomatoes can be grown in reusable bags or, if you wish, you can put them into a large pot. You need long sticks called canes. This is to help support the stalks, as the fruits of the tomato will become quite heavy.

Planting these as a seedling is the best way to reap the most rewards.

They are very easy to grow if you provide them with the right environment, and you won’t be disappointed with the number of tomatoes that you get.

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