How Many Papa John's Restaurants Are There In Russia?
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How Many Papa John's Restaurants Are There In Russia?

Rachael Grealish March 9, 2022

Everyone has heard of Papa John’s pizza, it’s easily one of the most well known brands worldwide, and they’ve got a good few restaurants dotted around Russia.

So many brands have suspended trading in Russia since Vladimir Putin made the move to invade Ukraine two weeks ago today.

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McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Starbucks are just some of the huge names to make a stand against the war and now Papa John’s has joined the ranks of these greats.

Countries all over the world have completely condemned the invasion and even Boris Johnson said the UK would be ‘tightening the economic vice around Vladimir Putin’ following the Ukrainian President’s address to The House of Commons.

How many Papa John’s restaurants are there in Russia?

There are 186 Papa John’s restaurants in Russia – this makes up eight percent of the total international restaurants.

The company said all the Papa John’s restaurants in Russia are owned by franchisees, and a ‘master franchisee’ who provides all supplies for the restaurants.

However, according to Market Watch, Papa John’s said it doesn’t own or operate any restaurants in Russia, and doesn’t receive any royalties from the franchised stores in the country.

Papa John’s History in Russia

The first Russian Papa John’s restaurant, located in Moscow at 8A Kravchenko Street, opened its doors to customers 19 years ago, on December 22, 2003.

Just for their Russian customers Papa John’s launched some unique menu offerings including the Alfredo Delight – which features ham, bacon, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and a spinach alfredo sauce – the Western Omelet pizza with eggs, cheese, bacon, ham, green peppers and onions, and several ‘Pizzas of the World’, which include the ‘To Russia with Love’ – a pizza consisting of mashed potatoes, bacon, onions and garlic butter sauce.

Papa Jonh’s Stands With Ukraine

Today, Wednesday March 9, Papa John’s has suspended all corporate operations in Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a company statement it said Papa John’s condemns ‘aggression and violence’ and they hope for ‘a peaceful resolution’ along with committing to donating dry goods and ingredients to help refugees.

It read: ‘Papa John’s stands with much of the globe in condemning aggression and violence. We hope for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, which today is hurting millions of innocent people, who are losing their homes, communities and people they love.

‘Papa John’s is committed to providing aid to those in the greatest need. We are actively supporting humanitarian efforts through financial contributions as well as by donating dry goods and ingredients to feed refugees in Eastern Europe through our partnership with World Central Kitchen.

‘Papa John’s has suspended all corporate operations in Russia. It has ceased all operational, marketing and business support to, and engagement with, the Russian market, where all restaurants are owned by independent franchisees, and a master franchisee who controls operations and provides all supplies and ingredients for the restaurants through a supply chain that it owns and operates.’

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