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How To Avoid The 'Summer Preparation' Body Pressures

Cicely McFarlane May 22, 2023

It is one thing enjoying the summer, but it can be testing when you want to avoid the body pressures that often come with the season.

As summer draws nearer, and holding plans are well underway, this time of year at school or university can be really exciting.

It means that the end of the academic year is so close you can almost feel it. But sadly, as summer approaches, so do the advertisements online, on the radio and on television, all about achieving your “summer body goals” and how to achieve them.

This can be really damaging if you are someone who struggles with body or food issues and can be triggering for many who feel they cannot escape this constant narrative of ‘losing weight for summer’.

However, understanding that this is in no way important to enjoy your upcoming summer plans is hugely important for your wellbeing.

Don’t Read into the Narrative

In recent years body positivity and acceptance is becoming more accepted and understood. However, with quick weight loss advertisements, the media can be seen as very hypocritical in what they are preaching.

It can be difficult to avoid summer body pressures, but remember that everybody is different, beautiful, and unique and that there is not one standard of beauty.

What works for some people’s body and health may not work for another.

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Be Kind to who you know best – Yourself

‘Your body is your vessel’. This quote really stuck with me when I heard it. It is so true. Your body is what you have to see you through life, and you must respect, accept, and be kind to it.

Your body has survived some very stressful situations over the last three years.

With Covid 19, you have been through isolation, huge anxieties and pandemic fears.

Your body has survived this so, whatever size you are, accept that this is who you are!

You can be healthy and not a size lower than you are, and you can enjoy the foods you wish without feeling guilty.

Accepting and understanding that the media has a narrative for certain sales and advertisements needs, instead of for your best interests, is vital for your emotional wellbeing.

Hopefully, this will further decrease your fears and anxieties around this coming season.

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