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How To Add The Spotify Widget

Zoe Kramer May 11, 2023

Do you like to listen to music while you go for a walk, or put on a podcast while you cook? If you use Spotify frequently, it can be a pain to scroll through your apps to find it each time you want to use it. However, on most devices, it is possible to add a Spotify widget to your home or lock screen. That makes it more prominent and much easier to find, so that you can pause, unpause, skip songs or switch playlists without having to search through your phone each time. In addition, the widget is pretty straightforward to add. So, here is how to add the Spotify widget to your phone.

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How To Add The Spotify Widget On IOS

The Spotify widget was added with the rollout of IOS 16. To try it out, first go to your home screen, find an empty area, and press and hold. When the + icon pops up, tap it. A list of apps will show up: scroll until you find Spotify and select it. From there, you can choose between different widget looks by swiping right and left. Once you’ve found one you like, choose “Add Widget.” Then, your new widget will appear. You can hold and drag it until it’s where you want on your phone. After that, all you have to do to use the widget is tap it. You can choose a song or playlist, and it will display in the widget.

If you don’t want your Spotify widget on the home screen anymore, you can get rid of it. Simply tap and hold the widget, then select “Remove Widget” and then “Remove.”

How To Add The Spotify Widget On Android

On your Android device, head to your home screen and find a blank space. Press and hold, and then three options will appear: wallpaper, widgets, and settings. Select widgets, and then either scroll down until you find Spotify or type it into the search bar. Once you find it, tap and hold the Spotify widget and then drag it wherever you would like it to go on your home screen.

If for whatever reason you decide you no longer want the widget, you can delete it by tapping and holding the widget, and then either dragging it to “Remove” or selecting “Remove from Home.”

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