How To Arrange A Part Time Job While Studying
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How To Arrange A Part Time Job While Studying

Cicely McFarlane October 30, 2022

For many people, myself included, getting a part time job while studying is of vital importance. This is so you can manage your finances effectively without getting lost in your overdraft. 

As a student, I would always suggest getting an overdraft if you think it’s something you can control and not get overwhelmed by. Banks such as HSBC allow for a three-year interest free overdraft that you can cap at the level you wish. This, alongside some potential part time job ideas listed below, is a great way to keep a handle on your financial situation while studying.

Visit the Jobs Fair

Job fairs happen throughout the academic year at university, and they can provide you with an array of opportunities that may suit you. If you are worried about what jobs are available, then I would suggest visiting this first and foremost to see your options. 

There is also an institution within your university to be able to assist in finances and job/career searching. So, if you feel a bit overwhelmed where to start, then asking for some assistance to get the ball rolling is a great idea. 

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Choose your Hours

If you are looking for more of a job that doesn’t have a weekly hours limit, then options such as the ones below may be just for you. 

Hospitality work

If you apply to companies such as Compass and complete their paid training day, you are then able to work shifts at conventions and events near you.

This means that, if one week you are a little bit more strapped for cash than usual, you can see what events are happening at the weekend and if they need staff. You can then choose your hours around your studies and pick up shifts as and when, instead of committing to a strict work timetable. 

Become an Extra

If you love acting or are just looking for a different yet well-paid job on the side, applying for extra work in your area can be a great way to keep your finances in check. There have been cases where extras can get paid up to £600, while also being able to feature in some of their favourite films and TV shows. 

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