How To Celebrate St Paddy’s Day At University
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How To Celebrate St Paddy’s Day At University

Cicely McFarlane March 16, 2023

Saint Patrick’s Day is a celebration from Ireland that is now enjoyed across the world on 17 March every year. It celebrates the death date of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. But how can you celebrate St Paddy’s Day at university?

This celebration has now been adopted across the world as people dress in green and attend parties, socials, parades, and activities to celebrate an Irish tradition.

At university this is undeniably one of the best days out in the entire calendar. Below are some of the best ideas how you and your uni friends can celebrate Saint paddy’s…this and every year.

Starting Early!

Day drinking is, of course, one of the most favoured traditions of this day. However, if you have university or lectures then do not fear; an evening celebration is just as good.

The green theme is one that everyone will adopt so, if you’re having a house party, make sure to invest in green streamers, green balloons and green cups. That way people won’t smash all your glasses as the drinks start to flow.

Attending an Irish bar and getting in a Guinness is the most obvious way to celebrate. This is to fully encapsulate the Irish way and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and the Irish culture as much as you can.

Have a quick Google to see if your university town or city is holding Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations and join in wherever you can.

Many cities including Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh, hold amazing parades and festivities to fully throw yourself into the St Paddy’s day fun.

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This will include music parades, food, merchandise stalls, and of course pop-up bars in and around these cities. Having a walk around these pop-up markets with a few drinks, and even purchasing some green scarves or hats, will really ensure that you have thrown yourself into the Saint Patrick’s way of living.

It can be tricky to have a sober Saint Patrick’s Day. However, if you don’t drink then attending these parades still promises a great time.

St Paddy’s Socials

After these parades, head to the pub before either a Saint Patrick’s day house party, or a specifically themed club night for an awesome ending.

Many student unions adopt Saint Patrick’s Day themes, especially if you are on a social. Dressing in the traditional Irish colours will most definitely be your social for this weekend. So, get to your local charity shops and pick up any items that would work for this.

Remember to enjoy yourself and drink responsibly, as St Paddy’s Day is an event that you can enjoy for the whole day and night.

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