How To Cope In The Summer Heat
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How To Cope In The Summer Heat

Tamzin Meyer June 20, 2022

Summer is proving to be a hot one, which is either amazing or awful, depending on how you look at it. While many people are loving spending time in the sun, I know I’m not alone in wishing it would cool down just a little bit. If you’re out there struggling, these tips may just help you feel that bit more positive about the soaring temperatures we’re experiencing.

Open Your Windows

Opening your windows is a must to add a nice bit of a breeze into your room. Unfortunately in the UK we’re not blessed with air-con in every building, so opening the windows is one of the best things we have. I know that the streets around student housing can get particularly loud sometimes, which may make you a little apprehensive to open your windows, but it’s so worth it if it means you aren’t getting hot and sticky.

Drink Water

The key here is to drink plenty of…water. Yeah, it might seems obvious, but there are so many people who get thirsty on a hot summer’s day and reach for the nearest can of cola. Caffeine will only dehydrate you and make things even worse so, while you may prefer something with a bit more flavour, water is the best way to go!

Invest in a Facial Spray

Facial sprays are so effective in cooling you down super quickly. My favourite ones are the Mario Badescu sprays which smell really refreshing. However, any spray bottle filled with water will be equally as beneficial and just help provide you with some instant relief from the heat.

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Don’t Over Exert Yourself

Taking breaks or even naps in the day can help your body cool down. Just think, if you go on a run when it’s thirty degrees, it really isn’t going to end well and will probably leave you sweating puddles. Instead, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to rest up and get used to these unusual temperatures.

Grab a Wet Flannel

My go-to way to cool down is to wet a flannel or tea towel with cold water and place it on my forehead. Don’t soak it so it’s dripping wet but just dampen it enough to cool you down. I also do this when I’m not feeling well and it works wonders.

Fan Yourself

You really don’t need an electric fan for this. You can even make your own fans out of paper if you’re feeling particularly crafty. Just wave than fan, homemade or not, in the air and help create a much needed breeze. It may same super simple but fans truly are amazing at cooling us down when it just gets too hot for us to cope!

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