How To Create A Spotify Receipt
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How To Create A Spotify Receipt

Zoe Kramer March 1, 2023

Spotify has no shortage of ways to examine your music habits. From your yearly Wrapped to creating a blended playlist with another user to the recent DJ feature, it has a lot of bases covered when it comes to experiencing music. However, sometimes a third party website will come up with a feature that Spotify users love, like the music festival poster generator that dominated social media. Another one of the top features is Receiptify. This site allows you to create a receipt of your music tastes, whether you’re an Apple Music user or Spotify user.

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What Is A Spotify Receipt

Receiptify takes your music listening info and generates it into a graphic that looks like a receipt you would get from a purchase. It will tell you your top 10 songs, and in place of the amount you bought it will show you the length of the song. You can choose to use info from the last month, six months or all time. This allows you to see how your listening habits have changed over time, which songs have gained or lost favour, and which have stayed the same.

How To Make A Spotify Receipt

Receiptify is simple to use, and you can either download it as an app or open it in your web browser. First, you’ll have to log into your Spotify, Apple Music, or account and give it permission to use your data. Then, you’ll be able to select your time frame and generate your receipt. Your receipt will have your name on it, perfect for sharing and comparing on social media or a group chat.

Other Spotify Add-Ons To Try

If you want to shake up your music listening experience and learn more about your tastes, there are other Spotify add-ons you can try, too. The Playlist Miner can help you find the most popular playlists based on key terms. The Set Listener can create playlists based on what artists have been playing at their concerts. Spotivolve can tell you how certain factors in your listening have changed over time. Or, if you’re looking to be judged, Obscurify can tell you how mainstream your music taste is. No matter what it is you’re looking for, there’s probably a Spotify plugin for it.

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