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How To Do Well On A Group Presentation

Zoe Kramer January 23, 2023

Group presentations can be one of the most difficult and dreaded parts of university. Not only is it anxiety-inducing to stand up and present in front of others, but you also have to do so as part of a group, which means relinquishing some control over your mark. Organising the project can also be troublesome, since each person in the group has their own schedule and their own opinions about how the subject should be divided. However, even though this type of work can be challenging, there are strategies you can employ to ensure it goes smoothly.

Elect Leadership

It’s tempting to discuss the project without assigning roles, because it can be a little uncomfortable to actively assign responsibility to others, but your presentation will be much better off if you do. It’s usually best to put one person in charge, and then everyone splits the various tasks such as writing down notes, research, designing the slides, etc.

Meet Early & Often

Everyone has busy lives and other modules to worry about, but find the time to meet within a week or so of when the presentation is assigned. From there you can decide how many meetings you want to have before the due date. This will help ensure that you’re not scrambling to do anything last minute. Even if you’re doing independent work, it can be helpful to have your teammates nearby to bounce ideas off of.

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Master The Handoff

One of the most awkward parts of a group presentation is handing off from one speaker to the next. You don’t want to just stop abruptly and have a gap when the next person begins, but you don’t want to spend too long handing it off to them either, especially if the presentation is timed. So practice what you’re going to say before and after you begin, along with the content itself.

Avoid Repetition

One common problem with group presentations is that team members will prepare their portions separately, which leads to information being needlessly restated. To avoid this, make sure the delineation of who is covering what is clear, and review everyone’s notes before the day. In general, the more coordinated you are, the less likely this is to be a problem.

Rehearse Together

Finally, make sure you do a rehearsal with everyone there before the day arrives. This will ensure that everyone’s parts of the presentation flow together seamlessly and gives you a chance to clean up any hiccups along the way. Plus, it can be helpful for easing your nerves. If your presentation is timed, time the rehearsal as well so you have a good sense of how you’re doing.

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