How To Get Discounts When You're No Longer A Student
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How To Get Discounts When You're No Longer A Student

Jasmyne Jeffery May 16, 2022

Graduating this year and losing your student discount? Don’t fear there are still plenty of ways to get discounts on your favourite things.

It’s one of the worst parts of graduating. Suddenly everything is back up to full price and you’re wishing you were a student again purely for the discounts. However, just because you’ve stopped being a student doesn’t mean the discounts have to end, they just work slightly differently.

A Tastecard

If you’re a big foodie and spent most of your student discounts on restaurants and takeaways then maybe a Tastecard is just what you need. Offering 2-4-1 or 50% discount off at all your favourite restaurants, plus offers on days out too, Tastecard is a great option to carry on saving. Currently, they’re offering a 60-day free trial which you can cancel at any point. But even after that, it’s only £5.99 a month. If you love dining/taking out a lot, then the company boast discounts of around £235 a year. Definitely worth giving it a go, even just for the free trial.

A Blue Light Card

If you’re a graduate heading into a job within the NHS, emergency services, armed forces or something similar, then take a look into getting a Blue Light Card. It’s only £4.99 for two years’ worth of savings across retailers, holidays and so much more. I see this all the time working in retail, and it’s actually baffling how much discount you can get.

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Loyalty Cards

So many places, particularly cafes, offer loyalty cards. Others, such as Pret, have monthly subscriptions. Basically, there’s no need to curb that caffeine addiction when you can still get it discounted. Signing up for loyalty schemes often means getting a drink for free after purchasing a certain amount. Sometimes, special offers are available to loyalty card holders too.

With subscriptions, you pay a monthly amount and get a lot for your money. Although £25 a month sounds like a lot for the Pret subscription, you get five drinks free PER DAY. Bearing in mind most of their drinks are in the £3 region – that’s quite a saving if you’re a coffee lover.


Railcards aren’t just for students, but they are pretty handy and if you’re age 16-25 you can get a 16-25 Railcard which gives a third off train travel all year round. It can even be used at peak times and on first class travel. The card costs £30 for one year or £70 for three years and if you apply just before you turn 26 you can even enjoy the discounts then.

See? The discounts don’t have to end just because your time as a student has!

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