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How To Get TikTok Wrapped 2022 And Export App Data

Jasmyne Jeffery May 22, 2023

Everyone loves to see all their stats for the apps they’ve been using. You just don’t expect to see it halfway through the year. After being let down at the end of 2022, we now have a TikTok wrapped that users are obsessed with. Here’s how to export your TikTok data so you can get all the juicy details too.

Every time Spotify Wrapped comes around, it’s all over the internet in an instant as everyone shares their pride or embarrassment. After being such a phenomenon, lots of other social media apps got involved with their own version.

For a little while, one of those was TikTok but their own version seemed to disappear last year, disappointing many.

Though there was a version of ‘wrapped’ that trended on TikTok last year, which involved deep-diving into people’s love lives. Let’s just say that had…interesting results.

Now, we have a third-party version which everyone is exporting their TikTok data into to see their stats. However, it’s not just for 2022 or any other year — it’s ever since your account began!

Wrapped For TikTok Has Arrived

Even though there’s no official version, a third-party site called Wrapped For TikTok has been made available and is safe for TikTok fans to use.

Just as good as what was provided before, the site, developed by Bennett Hollstein tells you:

  • Your TikTok persona
  • Total videos watched
  • Total watch time
  • Watch sessions
  • Average session length
  • Total comments
  • Total likes
  • Most used emoji

Users are presented with a funky presentation like many others do which you can share if you’re not too embarrassed by it.

The developer has ensured users that Wrapped For TikTok is safe to use and that data is not stored or processed at all. In fact, he has even shared the site’s full code (for those who can read it!) to prove it.

We imagine plenty of people want to get involved. All you have to do is export your TikTok data and upload it to the site and wait for it to load your TikTok Wrapped!

Be warned, it can take a while, especially if you’ve been on the app for a few years and/or spend a lot of time on it.

How To Export Your TikTok Data

To be able to use TikTok Wrapped ‘2022’, you’ll need to fetch your data off the app to be able to upload it onto the site.

Don’t worry, this is easy enough to do.

All you need to do is go to your Privacy and Settings page on TikTok and request to download the data from your profile. Make sure you’ve got enough room on your device as this will be a chunky download. Even more, it’ll probably take a little while to export the data, so be patient.

We recommend that once you’ve got your TikTok wrapped that you delete the file, as it will take up a lot of unnecessary space and may even slow down your device.

That’s it! Enjoy seeing all of your stats and finding out your TikTok persona!

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