How To Get To Know Your Course Mates
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How To Get To Know Your Course Mates

Francesca Herring September 29, 2022

People come and go during university, but one group that are here to stay throughout are your course mates. It’s likely that you’ll be spending three years with these guys. It’s great to know some people on your course. If you’re stuck regarding how to get to know them, here are some ideas.

Ask them to study with you

Perhaps slightly obvious, but a great idea nonetheless! Even if they say they aren’t shocked by the change in work at university, it’s likely that everyone is. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about your workload, confide in a course mate. If you set up a study session, not only can you calm your nerves, but make some friends too. 

You might bond over the work, or perhaps, (like most study sessions), you talk about stuff completely unrelated to university. It won’t hurt to set up some sessions with people on your course. If you’re not sure how to approach people, you could ask in a course group chat. Drop a message and see who responds. Or, if you’re sitting next to someone in a lecture, ask them.

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One of the most useful tools at university is networking. LinkedIn may well be your best friend. It’s good to know some familiar faces in a lecture hall. So, before teaching begins, why not network with some people? You can use LinkedIn to search for people on your course and connect with them. Through that, you can begin to chat. If you know a few people, it can be less daunting. 

There may be a group set up on social media for your course too. Check WhatsApp or Facebook for any group chats. If you get chatting in those, it will be much easier than not knowing anyone.

Use your course

Of course, you’re attending university to learn valuable life lessons and more academia. And you should use your lectures and seminars wisely. But… if you find yourself sat with someone friendly, chat to them. You can use your seminar breaks to get to know the people sat around you. If they are in the same accommodation as you, you could walk home together. Using the opportunities your course gives you is one of the best ways to make friends.

The people on your course may be very similar to you. So, don’t be afraid of getting to know them!

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