How To Give Yourself A Clean Slate For The Spring Term
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How To Give Yourself A Clean Slate For The Spring Term

Zoe Kramer January 18, 2023

Autumn term is over, and spring term is fast approaching. Whether it’s your first spring term or one of many, it’s normal to be anxious at this time of year. You have a whole new roster of modules, which means new lecturers, seminar leaders and classmates. Plus, you’ll have a whole new set of assignments to be working on, when you’ve only just finished up your last ones. Whether your first term of the year went great or not so well, here is how you can turn over a new leaf and give yourself a clean slate for the spring term.


The first thing you’ll want to do is get rid of anything leftover from the autumn term that you don’t need anymore. Stray sheets of paper, print-outs and irrelevant notes can all make their way to the wastebasket. You don’t need to be thinking about that one essay’s structure any more now that it’s done. Getting these things out of the way will help you to focus better and keep a clear head.

Sort Your Stationery and Books

Next, decide what stationery you want for each class. You might opt for a large notebook with dividers, or separate smaller notebooks. This is also a great time to consider which stationery items worked or didn’t work previously. If you had more hand-outs than you expected last term, for example, you might consider investing in a folder or portfolio.

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Assess Your Note-Taking Habits

Another great way to give yourself a clean slate for the spring term is to take a step back and decide what note-taking method to use. Take a look through your notes from autumn term. Is there anything you would have done differently, or a method of note-taking that would have helped you in preparing for essays, practicals or exams? If you found your notes to be rushed, for example, you might consider taking notes directly on the slides, to avoid having to repeat information.

Write Up A Schedule

Once you know your university schedule, use a spreadsheet, calendar or diary to begin writing out the layout of your term on a week-by-week as well as a month-by-month basis. Doing this before the term even begins is a great way to get your bearings in terms of deadlines. You can fill in your various activities and time commitments as you go, but having the foundation to start with can be helpful.

Get Ahead Of The Curve

It’s likely to be the last thing you want to do right now, but getting started on your coursework ahead of time can be a massive help to your future self. You don’t necessarily want to jump the gun on assignments since you haven’t had teaching yet, but doing readings or other similar tasks is a great way to start the term on the right foot.

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