How to have the Best Single Valentine’s Day
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How to have the Best Single Valentine’s Day

Cicely McFarlane February 10, 2022

When you’re at university you are going to be surrounded by people in different stages of relationships. One person might be committed to staying single, as they believe this is probably one of the only times in their life where they can be completely independent. Another may be in a long-term relationship, committed and happy to believe they have found the person they will stay with long term. Or another may just have fallen into a relationship they find themselves in and are simply killing time, while having fun.

Of course, Valentine’s is a celebrated day where couples can gush over one another about how happy they are to be together. Yet being single doesn’t get a dedicated day, so commandeering this holiday has become a tradition for me and my friends. I think many other singles should adopt this too. 


As someone committed to staying single as long as possible while at university, me and my friends have celebrated ‘galentines’ for the past three years. As cringeworthy as that name comes across, it allows us to get excited for this day just as people in relationships do. Tips to enjoy this day with your friends include, dressing to impress, booking a meal out, organising a boozy brunch, or a club night. As standard as these may sound, using the excuse of a ‘galentines’ tradition justifies the reason for you and your friends to get dressed up and celebrate, making some fun memories on Valentine’s Day.

For those who may feel lonely or want a relationship, just remember that this is one of the only times in your life when you don’t have to answer to anyone apart from yourself. Of course, this is not targeted or isolating any readers who are in a relationship. However, when you leave university you will probably go into a full-time job, where there will be always someone, such as your boss, who you have report back to. Of course, all relationships are not like a boss and employee, yet being single takes out the pressure of having to always think about somebody else. Also it allows you to make plans without having to adapt to another’s schedule. Remembering this and enjoying Valentines at your university with your group of friends, can make the holiday for singles something to look forward to.

However, for those broken-hearted or relationship-seeking individuals, getting your friends round for a pamper night cannot go wrong. A takeaway and taking advantage of the delivery valentines’ specials is something that no one can ever fault. Binging some sappy or comfort films can always make for a lovely evening. With Bridget Jones, He’s just not that into you, or the Twilight series being my personal recommendations.

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