How To Help Ukraine If You Are In Other Countries
Protestors In Italy Rally For Ukraine After Russian Invasion
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How To Help Ukraine If You Are In Other Countries

Charis Gambon February 28, 2022

Many people will find themselves asking the question of how they can support Ukraine and its people despite the fact that they are not in the country. Below is a list of ways that you can provide your support and assistance to the Ukraine. 

Donate to Charites

People within the Ukraine have comprised a list of organizations where you can donate to help people affected by the war.  Here are some of the available options.

  • Nova Ukraine, a Ukraine-based non-profit, provides citizens who need help with everything from baby food and hygiene products to clothes and household supplies.
  • People in Need is providing humanitarian aid to over 200,000 people on the ground in the Ukraine. For those most in need, the charity provides the essentials in the form of food packages, emergency shelter, safe access to drinking water, hygiene items, and coal for heating.
  • British Red Cross have created a Ukraine crisis appeal to help those within the Ukraine who have been affected by providing access to food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water.
  • UNICEF Ukraine is repairing schools that have been damaged as a consequence of the bombing and are providing an emergency response to children affected by the conflict.
  • International Medical Corps is on the front lines within the Ukraine and is prepared to help citizens with emergency health care services, as well as providing mental health and psychosocial support.
  • CARE International is responding to the crisis caused by the war by providing Ukrainians who are in need with basic items such as food, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, access to water, and access to cash.
  • #HelpUkraine Emergency Appeal is raising funds to provide accredited and registered Ukrainian charities with medicine, food and vital services. Funds can also be used to pay for blankets, hygiene packs and trauma counselling.

Stay informed on the situation but use the right sources

You don’t have to donate money or even a large amount of time to help support Ukraine and its people. The country has urged the wider public to be selective about the news stories they consume and share, to help curb the spread of disinformation. Use reliable news sources online and on the television.  Avoid information from Russian media outlets as they are spreading a false version of events.

The situation of the Russian-Ukrainian war is changing daily, so follow the situation closely to ensure that you understand what is going on in Ukraine. Staying on top of the situation via the right sources will ensure that you have the most honest and up-to-date information.  Understanding the historical relationship between Russia and Ukraine will also help you to stay informed.

Share information on social media

Sharing information on the Russian-Ukrainian war via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will increase the overall reach of the information.  This will allow for more people to become informed on the situation, increasing support for Ukraine. Sharing well informed pieces on your social media will also provide you with a chance to express your support for the country and its people.

Boycott Russian goods and services

Stay away from Russian goods and services to avoid supporting the aggressor’s economy. Refusing to purchase anything that has Russian connections will send a very clear political message that you do not and will not support aggressive actions against another country.  This will affect the Russian economy as a direct result.  Additionally, you can reach out to your parliamentary representatives, urging them to support economic sanctions against Russia.

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