How To Improve Your Attendance Habits
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How To Improve Your Attendance Habits

Zoe Kramer February 27, 2023

It’s no secret that showing up to lectures, labs and seminars is foundational to doing well at uni. However, it can be hard to stay on top of your attendance, especially when your classes are early in the morning. Skipping classes is a hard habit to break, and it can catch up to you. Want to know how to improve your attendance? Here are some ways to make showing up to classes a little bit easier, so you can stay on top of your studies and get the marks you want.

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Prepare The Day Before

One thing to make attending lectures easier, especially if they’re in the morning, is to prepare everything you need the day before. This could be any coursework you need to bring in, but it could also be something to make it easier to get up and get going, such as choosing what you’re going to wear.

Be Easy On Yourself

One reason students skip classes is because they feel unprepared to participate. Try not to worry about this too much — it’s always better to show up than to skip a class, even if you’re behind on your work. It’s also fine to participate quietly or sit in the back if that is more comfortable for you.

Resist The Slippery Slope

Once you begin to skip a class or two, it feels more normal to continue doing so. Of course, there are times when you might get sick or when attendance is otherwise impossible, but try to prevent a slippery slope from happening by keeping to a regular schedule each week.

Remember Your Motivations

Another method for how to improve your attendance is to remind yourself why you’re pursuing the degree you’re in. It might be the passion you have for the subject, or a dream job down the line. Connect to that motivation, and you will find yourself more eager to show up and learn.

Don’t Forget To Eat

Don’t neglect your nutrition. It’s hard to focus on an empty stomach, so plan a meal for before your seminar or lecture, even if it’s an early breakfast. Not only will this give you energy, but it will also make your class more enjoyable.

Reward Yourself

Finally, be sure and reward yourself for showing up. A great reward could be stopping for a coffee or a pastry after your class, hanging out with coursemates, or going for a pleasant walk before you return home.

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