How To Make Battery Acid, TikTok's Wildest Drink Trend
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How To Make Battery Acid, TikTok's Wildest Drink Trend

Zoe Kramer January 30, 2023

There’s something irresistible about a recipe that just shouldn’t exist. That is very much the case with the drink TikTok has dubbed ‘battery acid’ — a neon concoction of caffeine, sugar and sour components that looks like it could melt your taste buds right off. There seem to be two kinds of reaction to this drink: those who are horrified by it and those who want to try it right away. If you are in the latter group, here is how you can make this trendy beverage.

Battery Acid Recipe

Don’t worry — there’s no actual battery acid in this recipe. Just enough sugar to last you a lifetime. But hey, it tastes so good that maybe it’s worth the inevitable trip to the dentist.

There’s no one correct way to make the battery acid TikTok drink. The fun of making the drink is that you get to improvise it with your own favourite ingredients to create a unique flavour. So, you don’t have to worry too much about following any specific rules. However, there are some main components that seem to make it into every rendition of this drink.

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The first component is candy. Usually sour flavoured candy is preferred for this drink, but sweet candies work too. Popular options include gummies, sherbet powder, and liquid candies. The next component is energy drinks. The standard is to use one or more varieties of Monster Energy along with a splash of Gatorade. Then, top it off with even more candy if you like and give it a stir.

It’s best not to drink more than two cans of an energy drink in a day due to the amount of caffeine they have, so bear this in mind when you’re making battery acid. Especially if you don’t drink energy drinks normally, one glass should be plenty.

Is The Battery Acid Drink Alcoholic?

The Battery acid TikTok drink can be non-alcoholic, but if you want to turn it into a cocktail (and you are of legal drinking age) you can add a shot of vodka or other liquor. The sugary taste of the drink is so strong you probably won’t even notice it! You can make a cup for yourself or, if your friends are game, you can make a bucket together. The concocting and stirring of the potion can be a fun group activity.

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