How To Make Up For Forgetting Valentine's Day
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How To Make Up For Forgetting Valentine's Day

Carmela De Simone February 16, 2022

Whether you’re a last kind of person or just too busy to plan anything extravagant this year, here’s how to make up for forgetting Valentine’s Day.

Plan a romantic weekend away

Since the pandemic, we’ve all learned to appreciate the sights and attractions that Britain has to offer. A weekend away doesn’t have to be lavish or involve catching a flight. A journey just out of town is enough to enjoy some valuable alone time with your partner. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday this year, you’ve got the rest of the week to plan something your other half will be pleasantly surprised by.

Book an experience day

Check out Airbnb, Wowcher and Opentable for experiences local to you. These can be so diverse from pottery and cooking classes to tasting menus and boat tours. Some experiences can be booked same-day so, if you don’t like to commit to specific dates and times, you can book in something spontaneous.

Design a hamper

Hampers are great for indecisive buyers because you can buy a bit of everything, and there’s literally no wrong answers! Their favourite chocolate bars, a pair of cosy socks, a personalised lighter, those sweets they loved as a kid, you can literally get anything (as long as it’s slightly thoughtful). It’s the kind of gift no one could possibly stay mad at you for-even if it’s late.

Love tokens

This is a great way to give the reins to your partner a little, and spread the love across the rest of the year- not just Valentine’s Day. Think about things your partner always complains about – you never cook me dinner or you never make the bed in the morning – and put them on a token. Now you’ve given them the power to cash in these little favours whenever they want. You can personalise these or purchase them online.

Buy tickets for something you’ve always talked about doing

How many times have you and your partner talked about going to a comedy show, a festival, the theatre, the cinema, only for it to never materialise? If you know one of their favourite artists has a concert on the horizon, set up ticket alerts and be one of the first to grab them. Valentine’s Day isn’t about showing someone you love them one day of the year. There’s no reason a thoughtful and unexpected present won’t make them just as, if not even more, delighted than being spoilt on the day!

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