How To Make Your University Bedroom Feel More Like You
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How To Make Your University Bedroom Feel More Like You

Molly Raby February 26, 2023

Living away from home (possibly for the first time) can be hard when at university. You may be in student housing in an unfamiliar city having to make new friends everywhere you go. One thing you can do to make yourself feel more at home is to decorate your bedroom in a way that represents you. You will be in your bedroom everyday, so you will want it to be a safe place for you to come back to and feel at home. Here are some of the easier things you can do to make your university bedroom feel more like you.


Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to spend most of the time you have in your room in your bed. Your bed is the biggest feature of a university bedroom, so you need to make it look good and make you feel good.

You could buy a bold print or a feature print of your favourite location or brand. You can even bring your bedding from home to make you feel more at home when you snuggle into bed at night.


One sure fire way to decorate your room with homey things is by bringing your family and friends along for the ride too. You can print off photos from your phone for free with Free Prints, only paying for postage, which is extremely accessible for students.

You can also print off photos of your favourite actors, singers, influencers, etc to make the room feel more like you. There are no rules when it comes to who you can decorate your room with.

One rule you may need to be wary of however is if your landlord does not allow Blu Tack or corkboards on the walls. In this case you will need to buy some frames or maybe even a large frame with room for multiple photos.


Difference scents can alter our mood, so you will want to walk into your room and be hit with something that makes you feel happy, relaxed or calm. One great way of achieving this is by using a diffuser.

You can get an array of scents for your diffuser, so you can keep changing them around rather than sticking with one and getting bored of it.

You may be inclined to buy candles as a cheaper alternative, but many landlords do not allow candles and naked flames. Probably for good reason, as students and fire may not be the best mix at some times.

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Much like scents, plants in a room can also alter your mood. They take in carbon dioxide and pump out oxygen to make the room feel clearer.

Even if you don’t feel you can keep a real plant alive, go ahead and get a fake one and just improve the overall aesthetic of your room. Any greenery in your room will make it feel less like a concrete room and more like a vibrant bedroom.

You could also get a plant like a succulent which rarely needs watering, so you can water as and when you remember.


Blankets can give your room just that extra pop of colour to top off the overall aesthetic and make it feel much homier.

If you want to save money, you can always bring a blanket from home and use that. This will make you feel closer to home, will have your houses smell on it and may even still have some dog hairs on it to really make it feel as though you are back with your family.

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