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How To Prepare For Your Final Exams

Zoe Kramer May 2, 2023

It’s no secret that final exams can be among the most stressful parts of being in university. Most courses have a limited emphasis on coursework, meaning that exams can be weighted for the majority — if not all — of your mark. However, don’t let this scare you out of doing well. After all, exams are rarely designed to trick you. With adequate preparation, you will have no trouble doing well.

Here is how to prepare for your final exams.

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Make The Most Of Your Remaining Class Time

If you have upcoming seminars or lectures, make sure you attend, even if you’ve missed some in the past. This is a great chance not only to go over material from the last weeks of the course, but also to ask any questions that might have come up during revisions.

Study With A Partner

There’s no need to study alone if you don’t want to. Chances are, other students on your course are just as anxious about the exam as you are. Set up a study session with a partner or group to go over questions or confusion. You can get answers as well as help out others and reinforce your knowledge through explaining it.

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Take Regular Breaks

It’s easy to get burnt out on studying if you’ve been doing it for an extended period of time. That’s no accident — the brain can only focus for so long at a time. Instead, make sure you’re taking breaks to go for a walk or grab a snack. This will help clear your head before you get back into it.

Customize Your Notes

Studying can be a lot more fun if your notes are customized. There are lots of ways to make notes more engaging, whether it’s adding doodles, diagrams, rearranging the text, or any number of other alterations. Rewriting your notes can also be useful to help your brain process the information.

Get Some Sleep

An often forgotten part of how to prepare for your final exams is to rest. Don’t study so much that you don’t get sleep. Leading up to the exam and especially the night before, make sure that you turn in early so that your brain is rested and ready to go.

Stay Positive

Finally, stay positive in your approach. Exams are not exactly fun, but your mindset matters. Foster a sense of confidence and resilience, and you will have a much better time getting through whatever speedbumps might come your way.

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