Known for his comedic and brutally honest videos about his time at Cambridge University, as well as opening up about diversity and problems faced by low-income students, Ibz Mo was one of the most well-known ‘study influencers’ on YouTube back in 2016. Last time we saw him, he was living life as an undergraduate in Wolfson College posting videos on his channel. But where is he now? The answer may surprise you.

Ibz Mo went to Oxford. Yep, that’s right. Despite his constant digs and jokes aimed at Oxford, he eventually moved there to do his Master’s Degree in Education. His work focuses on Oxbridge students that come from free school meal backgrounds.

He told Varsity earlier this year: ‘I hope my research will be one of the first to look at the free school meal experience.’

Still online

Is Ibz Mo still on YouTube? Essentially, yes.

Over the past year Ibz Mo has been posting a YouTube video every month or every couple of months. So fans can still see what’s going on in the study influencer’s life. Titles of his recent videos include ‘University Studio Room Tour,’ and ‘Dissertation, Dissertation and… Dissertation #AD.’

However, Ibz Mo does feel that things have changed greatly since he began to gain a following online. In an interview with Varsity he said: ‘Now I think a lot of people are doing it just for the money. Some YouTubers are literally lying about how much work they do just to get the clicks.’


In November 2021, Ibz Mo shared the news on his Instagram that he had graduated from Oxford. He explained that this was ‘an achievement’ that he ‘didn’t think was possible. Not because I wasn’t capable but because these two elite institutions were not made for people like me. I cannot tell you how many obstacles I’ve had to face and how many barriers I’ve had to break down.’

According to his LinkedIn page, Ibz Mo currently works as a Research Fellow in Human Rights Law at the Muslim Lawyers Action Group, an independent organisation ‘committed to promoting equality, justice and the respect for human rights.’

What’s next for Ibz Mo? The influencer announced in October that he had completed his MSc, accepted a Legal Training Contract offer, had moved back to London, and started a new job.

It looks like there is a lot in store for Ibz Mo and his future, and fans are lucky enough to be able to come along for the ride.

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