Is Liverpool A Campus University?
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Is Liverpool A Campus University?

Zoe Kramer January 2, 2023

The layout of a university can have a significant impact on student experience. During the pandemic, lectures and tutorials were all held online, rendering university campuses irrelevant. However, since things have opened up, students are once again looking for a community feel as part of their university life. If you’re looking to study in Liverpool, here’s the rundown of which universities will offer a campus experience.

Is The University Of Liverpool A Campus Uni?

To answer this question, we first need to understand what a campus university is. Essentially, a campus university is a university that has at least one central area where the majority of university buildings are located. This is in contrast to other university configurations where buildings may be spread out across a city or based on majority-online attendance.

Based on these criteria, yes, the University of Liverpool is a campus university. It does have a separate Veterinary Science campus in Leahurst, but the majority of the university is located within a span of a few blocks in Liverpool city centre. It’s a large energetic campus but it’s still easy to navigate.

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Is Liverpool John Moores A Campus University?

Liverpool John Moores is a campus university. It has two campuses, the City Campus and the Mount Pleasant Campus. Each campus has several university buildings, a library and nearby student accommodation. So if you’re looking for a community feel, there are plenty of places to connect with other students, work on group projects, or just have a coffee together. With the City Campus, you have the benefit of being able to go into town before or after lectures to go shopping or grab a bite to eat.

Is Liverpool Hope A Campus University?

Liverpool Hope University is also a campus university. It is divided into the Hope Park Campus and the Creative Campus. These two locations have different feels, with Hope Park residing in the Childwall suburb and the Creative Campus being placed in the city centre.

Both campuses are fairly small, creating more of a tight-knit community feel rather than the buzz of a larger university. The university also has the Aigburth Park campus which is a residential campus. It doesn’t have any of the university buildings, but still works as a place to socialise and make connections.

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