Is Mother's Day Too Commercialised? Over Half Of Brits Think So
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Is Mother's Day Too Commercialised? Over Half Of Brits Think So

Rachael Grealish March 27, 2022

Is Mother’s Day a proper special occasion or is it too commercialised? Over half of Brits seem to think the latter is the case.

Mother’s Day is that one day of the year you are encouraged to make that mother-figure in your life feel like the special lady she absolutely is, but is it a real celebration of mothers out there or is it simply all a money-making game for big companies?

Brits Feel The Pressure

According to a YouGov poll – taken in 18 countries and territories – there is a mixed picture regarding feelings around Mother’s Day.

When people were asked ‘is Mother’s Day celebrated more because it’s a proper special occasion, or because of pressure from commercial entities?’ 52 percent of Brits the day is celebrated out of pressure. The country was divided by this – not quite as finely as they were about Brexit – as 43 percent said they celebrate the day because it’s a proper special occasion. And five percent said they were unsure.

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Looking to Europe the Polish seem to be especially likely to say that Mother’s Day is celebrated nationally for the right reasons, at 85 percent. Only 10 percent see the time of tribute to their mothers as too commercialised.

Right on the opposite side people in Denmark said they were more likely to celebrate the day out of pressure – at least according to 61 percent. 27 percent were all for the holiday and 12 percent said they didn’t know.

France was the country with the most divided down the middle with 45 percent celebrating it as a special occasion and 46 percent celebrating due to pressure.

Men Feel The Pressure

The survey also showed when broken down into men and women in each country/territory they tend to hold similar views on the matter.

However, the biggest differences are in Hong Kong, the UAE and Great Britain, where women are somewhat more likely than men to say Mother’s Day is being celebrated true to its original intent.

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