Is Oxford Brookes Part Of Oxford University?
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Is Oxford Brookes Part Of Oxford University?

Rachael Grealish August 16, 2022

Oxford University is the oldest uni in England but with all its different colleges’ many people often ask if Oxford Brookes is part of it.

Oxford Brookes is one of the top 50 universities in the UK, according to the Guardian 2022 league tables, however, regardless of any confusion, there isn’t any connection between Brookes and the Oxbridge uni.

Is Oxford Brooks Part of Oxford University?

Oxford Brookes is not part of Oxford University. Oxford Brookes University started in 1865 as the Oxford School of Art, located in a single room on the ground floor of the Taylor Institution at St Giles’, Oxford.

In 1870 the School of Science was added and in 1891, under the administration of the City Council’s Technical Instruction Committee, it was renamed the Oxford City Technical School, incorporating the School of Art, which remained distinct. Plans were made to relocate to the former Blue Coat School for Boys on St. Ebbes.

In 1934 the School of Art and the Technical School were merged and John Henry Brookes, head of the School of Art and vice-principal of the Technical School, was appointed the first principal of the merged institution.

By 1950 the college had 4,000 students. A new campus was built on a site offered by the local Morrell brewing family. Renamed “Oxford College of Technology”, it opened on the new site in 1956. Its first residence hall was established in 1960 and the college relocated to Headington in 1963.

What is the difference between Oxford University and Oxford Brookes?

So what’s the difference between the two unis? Oxford University is one of the oldest in the world and the oldest in England, and while there is no clear date of foundation but teaching existed at Oxford in some form in 1096.

Bridge links Old and New Quadrangles of Hertford College. Familiarly know as bridge of Sighs

Oxford University was started for academic purposes only, however, Brookes was founded as Oxford Polytechnic.

Polytechnics were founded to teach people skills that they would need in the workplace. However, in modern-day, there is very little difference between the universities.

However, Oxford University is made up of 39 financial colleges, all self-governing and affiliated with the central university. In addition, six private halls are available, which are quite similar to college campuses but tend to be smaller, and were organized by various Christian groups.

Brookes has four campuses: the Harcourt Hill campus, the Marston Road Site, the Headington Campus and one campus in Swindon.

The universities also differ in their semester layout. Oxford University has three terms, each eight weeks long (Michaelmas in the autumn, Hilary in the spring, and Trinity in the summer).

The Oxford Brookes student year is made up of two semesters, both with exams at the end.

Oxford Brookes University Ranking

According to the Complete University Guide’s university league table, Oxford Brookes is ranked as the 45th best university in the UK out of a total 130 universities, while Oxford University is ranked number 1 at the time of writing. In terms of subjects, Oxford Brookes is ranked as the 4th best university in the country for Tourism, Transport, Travel & Heritage Studies and the 9th best for Physiotherapy.

Can you transfer from Brookes University to Oxford University?

Unfortunately for any students wanting to transfer from Oxford Brooks Uni to Oxford Uni they would be unable to do this.

While it is possible to transfer out of Brookes uni, depending on your course and the rules of uni you want to go to, Oxford does not accept transfer students. Anyone wanting to study for an undergraduate degree at Oxford would have to start the course from the beginning, according to the university’s rules.

However, the option to start in year one on a course in medicine at Oxford if you have studied medicine elsewhere. The university information states: ‘The Medical School is also unable to accommodate the following related requests:

  • to give academic credit for partially completed degree courses undertaken at other institutions,
  • to spend a year at the University as part of an intercalated course in Medicine,
  • to consider applications from people already enrolled on Medicine courses elsewhere but who wish to apply to study the course at Oxford from Year 1.’

Do Oxford Brookes and Oxford University students mix?

When it comes to students from neighbouring universities mixing, this is common in several places around the UK. According to the Student Room when students answered this question one student, Hannah, said: ‘Yes, the students from both universities probably do mix, but it’s all about finding the right crowd of people who you get on well with – regardless of where they study.’

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