Is The Pret A Manger Coffee Subscription Worth It?
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Is The Pret A Manger Coffee Subscription Worth It?

Vicky Wilson January 24, 2023

For a couple of years now, Pret A Manger has been offering a coffee subscription service. For £25 per month, members can buy five hot drinks of their choice per day from any Pret stores. Members also get access to an array of deals and competitions. If you are keen to try out the subscription but a little sceptical, new members get their first month half price for just £12.50.

This month I got a membership for the first time but was a little disappointed and will likely cancel it on January 31.

Whenever I simply cannot face spending another day sitting in the library, studying in a coffee shop is my favourite way to motivate myself to finish my assignments. However as many coffee shops have shaky WiFi, and charge almost £4 for drinks, this habit isn’t the most sustainable.

For students, the Pret subscription is a great option. All the Prets I have visited have several plug sockets and strong WiFi. While they lack the cosy independent cafe ambiance, most stores have a decent seating area to sit and work in.

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How Can Students Use The Pret Coffee Subscription?

While you can only get one coffee every 30 minutes, if you are doing a marathon study session you can even share a membership with friends and take it in turns to buy drinks. If you are a student living in London, where there seems to be a Pret every few steps, or if you travel in the U.K. often, I would definitely recommend subscribing to the Pret membership. As Pret drinks are served in disposable paper cups, make sure you bring a reusable travel mug with  you to avoid waste.

However, while I have enjoyed using my membership this week, for me I think it is worth the £12.50 for the first month but not worth the full £25 per month. Since the membership launched, the Pret roast has definitely declined in quality, and members can’t get iced drinks as part of the subscription. 

Ultimately for Londoners, students, and frequent travellers, I would recommend subscribing to Pret for a half-priced month to trial if you want to become a full member.

In most coffee shops, £12.50 will only buy you around four drinks. With the trial subscription you can get up to 150 barista made hot drinks. 

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