Jodie Comer Smashes Her West End Debut
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Jodie Comer Smashes Her West End Debut

Molly Raby May 3, 2022

Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of sexual assault.

At this point, you would have had to be actively avoiding Jodie Comer in order to not know who she is. The Emmy winning actor has starred in smash hits shows such as Killing Eve, My Mat Fat Diary and even rubbed shoulders with Hollywood giants in Free Guy. But now, the Liverpudlian has taken to the stage in her West End debut. And critics are hailing her a hit.

What is Prima Facie?

Prima Facie is a one-woman show that follows Tessa (Comer), a barrister who defends those accused of sexual assault. But, when Tessa is date-raped, she starts questioning the system she works in and becomes the plaintiff in a trial herself.

Critic Reviews

Nick Curtis of The Evening Standard gave the show a four-star review. Talking about Comer’s performance, he writes, ‘Her commitment made the production happen and kept it alive through delays. We all wanted to know if she’s as good live on stage as she is on screen. And the answer is no: she’s better.’

WhatsOnStage‘s Sarah Crompton writes, ‘With Comer as its protagonist, blazing away, it is impossible to avert your gaze. She brings its arguments to forceful life and in the process creates an unforgettable moment of theatre.’ Crompton also awarded the show a strong four-stars.

Although he labels the monologue ‘clunky’, Andrzej Lukowski from Time Out prasied Comer for her overall performance. He writes, ‘It’s understandable that Comer wanted to kick off her stage career with a meaty 100-minute monologue about something she feels passionate about. If all famous actors simply went for the best play possible, we’d be stuck with even more Hamlet. With Prima Facie, Jodie Comer had something to prove about herself, and something she wanted to say about the world, and she’s done both.’

Where can I see Prima Facie?

The show is currently playing at the Harold Pinter Theatre, London. It closes on 18 June 2022.

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