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Kitchen Essentials You Should Bring To Uni Halls

Zoe Kramer January 24, 2023

It can be difficult to decide what to bring for the kitchen in your university student accommodation. You likely won’t have very much storage space since it’s shared, but you want to make sure that you have enough items to make and serve a variety of meals. It’s also worth considering how your kitchen implements stack and fit inside each other to create the most economy of space possible. Here are the kitchen essentials that will serve you well and keep your set-up easy and versatile.


The best general rule to follow when selecting what to bring with you is that you don’t need more than one of anything. This minimizes the amount of space you need to use and keeps you from piling up dishes, too. So opt for one large plate, one small plate, and one bowl.


The same goes for your cutlery. Go for one fork, one teaspoon, one large spoon, one butter knife and one larger sharp knife. A great way to store these is to place them in one of your mugs. If you find yourself needing an extra one of these items down the line, go ahead and buy it, but it’s always best to start off as small as possible. You’ll also want a large wooden or plastic stirring spoon and a spatula.

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Another part of your kitchen essentials is your glassware. One glass and one or two mugs should be good to start off with. A glass measuring cup/jug can be useful to have as well, but metal ones work fine, too.

Pots and Pans

A small to medium pan, large enough to cook 2-3 eggs is a staple item to include in your kitchen. A medium pot will serve you well for a variety of purposes, including cooking pasta. A wider pan may be desirable for large fry-ups as well, depending on your cooking habits and how much space you have available.


Apart from these items, you’ll want a few more miscellaneous things. A cutting board is a must-have, and it’s a good idea to have a few tupperware items to put away leftover food in. A small baking tray can be handy too, and this will allow you to cook frozen items in the oven. Other items to bring include a cheese grater, tin opener and a scale.

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