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Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Manon Lamy June 16, 2022

If you did not know Father’s Day is just around the corner. On Sunday 19 June 2022 many people will be celebrating their fathers, their father figures and their influence in our society. And if you are struggling to find gift ideas and think that it’s too late, fear not. This guide will give you 12 ideas of what to get your father, father figure, or step-father this Father’s Day.

A jersey from his favourite team

If your father has a favourite team, whether it’d be football, rugby or any other sport, a jersey from his team would be the way to go. While jerseys can be on the pricey side a little bit of research could help you find some cheaper options. Furthermore, maybe finding a jersey from previous seasons could be a way to find it for cheaper.

Noise cancelling headphones

If your household is noisy and busy and you would like your father to get a bit of peace and quiet then some noise cancelling headphones would be a great gift. And here’s a bonus there are tons of options. From over the ear, to in ear headphones there should be plenty of choice. Moreover there are plenty of options in the price range.

You can find some great noise cancelling headphones on Amazon. Just read the reviews. There are great options from £50 on Amazon.

Cocktail/Mocktail Shaker and recipe book

What father doesn’t like to entertain? Whether it’d be on the grill or making drinks, entertaining is something that most family have. Finding your dad a nice shaker to go along with a recipe book is something that could prove very popular. And if you are old enough to drink you can enjoy it too.

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A nice apron

If your dad already has barbecue tools but lacks an appropriate apron then now is the time. Or if your dad has an apron that you find embarrassing then this Father’s Day might be the best chance you can get in order to get him a new one. There can be so much choice and in all prices.

A nice watch

A nice watch for your dad can be a nice and elegant gift. Also if your dad has a little trouble showing up on time it can be a funny, subtle reminder. You can get him a normal or a fitness watch. Up to you! And if you would like something on the cheaper side you can always get him a second hand watch.

You can always check sites like Vinted to find second hand watches and even get it for cheaper than advertised. Also you can always find refurbished watches if you want an Apple Watch or another brand.

A wireless charging station

Does your dad have a phone that can be charged wirelessly? Does he also have a watch? Then maybe a wireless charging station is the way to go. Dads will always love a tech gift. Its what makes them dads.

A beautiful picture frame

If you are looking for a sentimental gift then a nice picture frame with a beautiful photo of you and your dad, or your dad and the whole family would be a beautiful idea. Bonus, its a cheaper option. You can get some picture frame for rather cheaply in many stores and getting a picture printed out is not that expensive anymore.

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A book on dad jokes

If your dad is a fan of the dad jokes than a book to get him some new dad jokes is something that will be welcomed. And bonus for you, it can give your dad some new materials. There are some downsides, more dad jokes.

A coffee subscription

If your dad is a coffee fan and can never start his day without his coffee than a coffee subscription is a great gift. It can let him taste some new coffee options and its a gift that will last for a while.

A travel mug

Once again if your dad loves his coffee and cannot get enough than a travel mug if the way to go. There are many options for travel mugs and there are broad range of prices. And it doesn’t have to be just for coffee. If your dad isn’t a coffee drinker but a tea drinker than this is still a great idea.

An Amazon echo

If your dad loves anything tech than an Amazon Echo is a great gift. There are many options, with screens, in a ball, or just your usual echo dot. And if Amazon isn’t your thing you can get the equivalent by Google or the Apple version.

I hope that this gift guide has helped you find inspiration on what to get your father or father figure this Father’s Day.

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