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Living Life When Happily Single

Ellie-Rose Baker May 8, 2023

Even in 2023, living life as a single person, particularly a HAPPILY single person is seen as strange.

In my experience, there are only two negatives of doing things as a single person:

  1. Hotel rooms are the same price for one person as they are for two.
  2. You don’t have a built-in photographer (although, that’s what selfie sticks are for, right?)

Some of the most introspective times of my entire life have been while walking along an empty beach at dawn, or sat in a hotel room with a Tesco meal-deal for dinner because I’m too afraid of what people will think if I eat out alone.

I realised recently (perhaps a little late!) that not being in a relationship doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t live my life.

Eating Out

Getting over my terror of eating out alone involved pretend phone calls, headphones, and feigning being confident and aloof so people wouldn’t talk to me. Now, eating out alone means striking up conversation with the table next to me and enjoying my food at my own pace, without worrying about being too slow for the person opposite me.

This is, in hindsight, one of the most interesting things about enjoying a happily single life.

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Not having someone to watch your bag while you use the train toilet can be annoying. However, sitting in peace and quiet with your book for a three-hour journey is absolutely worth it. Travelling can be a lot of fun, even if you are doing it alone.


No matter what people say, there are compromises when being in a relationship. Whether it’s the weight of the duvet, the pet allergy that means you can’t get a cat, or the leather sofa instead of velvet.

I don’t mean to preach too hard, and I realise that compromises are a part of life, but if you do happen to be single – there are none of these!

(Let’s be real though – if not in a relationship, you will have to compromise with friends, family and colleagues. Don’t let your lack of relationship compromise make you blind to other’s needs.)

The FUN stuff!

Take up roller skating. Join a swimming club or a painting class. Once you’ve turned up to somewhere alone once, you’ll be able to do it again and again without hesitation. Taking that first step, as with everything, is the hardest part.

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