The regular BUCS Rugby League season has now concluded following the truimphs of Northumbria 1’s and Hull 1’s at BUCS Big Wednesday in Nottingham.

However, this does not mean that this is it for BUCS Rugby League, actually far from it. Don’t worry, you will not suffer from your rugby league withdrawal for too long.

There is soon to be a competition which will give more than your fair fix of league action. It is going to look a little bit different, however. You will not being seeing things by noticing there are only nine players on each team.

This is becasue the BUCS Rugby League 9’s Championships are returning. This handy article will remind you of the difference between 9’s and regular rugby league. It will also previewing an event which is one not to be missed.

Location and Date

The championship is taking place at the Victoria Park ASICS Stadium, in Warrington, on Wednesday 6th April. You can find a countdown to this event by clicking the link here.

Who is competing?

At the moment, the final list of accepted entries is yet to be announced. However, we are aware about the split between the Championship, and the Trophy competitions.

The Championship will involve teams from the BUCS Premier North and BUCS Premier South. This means it could include teams such as Northumbria 1’s, who completed the Premier North and National Championship double, and St Mary’s, champions of the Premier South.

The Trophy will include teams from Tier 1 and below, as well as new teams not placed within the league structure. Teams entered into the Championship will not be allowed to enter a second team. Teams such as Hull 1’s and Birmingham 1’s, the teams who contested the National Trophy Final, could compete in this competiton.

man playing American football photography
Photo by Quino Al on What are the different rules with BUCS Rugby League 9’s?

It seems obvious, but it needs to be addressed. The main difference with rugby league 9’s is that each side contains nine players, instead of the normal 13. However, this is certainly not the only difference. Listed below are a few of the key differences in the rules, so you know what’s going on whilst watching the action.

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