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Making The Most Of Your Uni Summer Holidays

While some might want to do very little and recharge through their uni summer holidays, others just can’t keep still.

Moving from A-Levels to university is exciting in so many ways. For me, one of the most exciting changes was the major extension of my summer holidays. From a measly six weeks to three whole months, suddenly I had so much time on my hands, I didn’t know what to do with it.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, here are some ideas of things that you could do to maximise your free time before the big wide world of work comes knocking!

Get a job

Before I start with all of the exciting (sometimes expensive!) things you could do, I suppose this one should come first. Whether it’s in retail, hospitality, fast food, or if you’re lucky enough to get a job in your chosen field, it’s got to be done.

It pays the bills, is the fastest way to build up your savings, and funds all of the more Instagrammable summer activities.

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There are thousands of volunteer positions open to students, often needing little or no experience. It could be something relating to your degree (maybe an environmental charity or St. John’s Ambulance), or something entirely self-indulgent (check your local theatre for volunteer ushering positions!)

It is an incredible way of maing new friends, and more often than not, the sense of community that comes from volunteering is the most rewarding feeling.


Making the effort to travel, particularly with uni friends, is so important, especially if you live miles away from each other during the summer holidays.

Whether it’s a UK road-trip or a European beach holiday, as a student, the world is your oyster.

Don’t forget to check with whoever you book with whether they accept student discount or not – this can mean ENORMOUS savings.

Learn a new skill

Between sites such as the Open University’s ‘OpenLearn’, Skillshare and the thousands of YouTube tutorials, learning a new skill doesn’t have to be costly.

Whether it’s learning to upcycle furniture (you could earn a bit of extra cash from this – buy, upcycle and re-sell on Facebook Marketplace or to roller-sate (highly recommend!), learning a new skill is a fab way of spending your summer.

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Prepare for next year

I know that it sounds dull, but even doing a tiny bit of preparatory reading can really help your academic year get off to a good start.

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