With Sebastian Vettel on the cover of Attitude Magazine, how else is F1 celebrating Pride Month? Mercedes have decided to run a new part of their regular livery for the month of June, replacing their silver star with a rainbow one.

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team are running their rainbow star for the Azerbaijan, Canadian, and British F1 races during June. Both drivers, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell, will sport the rainbow star on their helmets too. In a move that the team have described as a ‘visual expression’, they are showing their support for members of the LGBTQ+ community in and out of F1.

Shortly after Mercedes announced their new livery for Pride, Hamilton took to social media to suggest that they keep the rainbow star all year round. Hamilton constantly voices his support for the LGBTQ+ Community on social media and at races. Like fellow driver Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton has been known to wear several rainbow-themed things to races, such as shoes and helmets.

McLaren Racing Engage

Mercedes are not the only F1 team to add some Pride in their livery. McLaren added a speed mark on their livery, promoting the McLaren Racing Engage initiative. The initiative seeks to advance all forms inclusion within motorsport and McLaren.

Alpine and Racing Pride

The Alpine F1 team have partnered with Racing Pride for the month of June and are sporting an LGBTQ+ flag on both cars. Racing Pride is a movement within motorsport that aims to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in motorsport as well as encourage more. Both Alonso and Ocon will have the LGBTQ+ flag on their cars throughout the month of June.

Aston Martin

On 1 June, Aston Martin raised the LGBTQ+ flag at their new factory in Silverstone, England. One of their drivers, Sebastian Vettel, is the cover star of Attitude Magazine this month. He’s also an active supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and like Hamilton, has made many public demonstrations of his support for the community. 

It’s likely that throughout June we’ll see several teams sporting some form of livery for Pride month. The next race on the F1 calendar will be in Canada, on 19 June. While there’s no cars on track for the next few day, the teams social media pages will be making several posts about F1 and Pride Month. 

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