Monthly Trends You Will Want To Try In 2023
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Monthly Trends You Will Want To Try In 2023

Cicely McFarlane January 23, 2023

With 2023 underway, you may want to set yourself a challenge for the year. Unlike a new year’s resolution, hopefully this won’t stop after a few months. Give this challenge of trying a new little change every few weeks a real go. Here are the 2023 monthly trends to try.

You could find a new lease of life in an area you would have never thought to try before. Or just have fun having a specific challenge to tackle for that month.

What is great about this challenge, is that of course you can make and edit your own. It can be a fun task for the beginning of the year, and you can try to fill up all the months if you can think of enough mini trends.

Finding the right challenge may even lead to a lifelong change in habits or hobbies.

Below are just a few suggestions of monthly trends to try in 2023, and a brief description of each.


Of course, this is very popular now and self-explanatory. But the goal is to help the environment (and yourself) by sticking to a vegan diet for the whole of January, or any month of your choosing.

If everyone did this, the carbon emissions from meat productions would drop drastically, and you may even find new and tasty recipes that you prefer to the meat and dairy alternatives.

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Dry January

This, of course, doesn’t need to only be in January. If you are tackling the vegan diet, perhaps make your non-alcohol month later in the year!

Going booze-free will boost your productivity and make your overall health all the better if you embrace this monthly challenge.

Swapping prosecco for nosecco means you can still feel like you are drinking with your friends if you have a special occasion coming up.

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Transport Month

This is the challenge for you if you feel you are using too much petrol and thus damaging the environment as your carbon footprint expands.

This would include biking or walking to all of your locations.

This even means work. You can include public transport in this month; however, many draw the line at taxis. Decrease your carbon footprint and feel proud about taking this small step to help if you can.

No Buy

This is definitely one of the harder monthly challenges I’ve seen flying round social media. This involves you not buying any groceries or clothes for the entire month.

This is if you are someone who has cupboards and freezers stock full of food that never gets eaten. The aim is to reduce spending and food waste.

With clothes, the target is to reduce fast fashion and also tighten the purse strings for anyone in the habit of spending.

If you run out of food, or it is an emergency, do not stick to this challenge. But if this sounds like something you could be really up for – then give it a go!

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