Essential Student Items For Long-Haul Flights
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Essential Student Items For Long-Haul Flights

Cicely McFarlane January 29, 2023

If you are planning of travelling, or even going on a much-awaited holiday, you may spend a while in the air. So what are the essential student items for long-haul flights?

There are some people who love everything about flying, as the excitement for their holiday and adventure starts to grow.

However, if you are someone who is a bit uneasy about it, especially in regard to a long-haul flight, then below are some absolute must-have items to make your journey all the more bearable, perhaps even relaxing. 

Staying Moisturised

This is a way to make yourself feel as put-together during a long day, or even a couple of days of travelling.

Purchasing a sheet moisturising mask to use while you watch some inflight entertainment can ensure your skin stays hydrated.

This will enable a fresh-faced arrival to wherever you may be going and will keep at bay any dryness or breakouts.

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Energising Spray

Often overlooked when considering student items for long-haul flights, a Vitamin C energising spray would certainly come in handy. I personally would recommend the Detox spray with Goji berry extract.

At less than 100ml, you can keep this on your person and in your hand luggage.

This can be used just before take-off and landing to try to freshen up when you feel a bit uncomfortable. 

Doing these face care pampers will guarantee that you feel slightly more at ease both during and after your flight.

You want to arrive at your destination as rested as possible. That way, you can enjoy whatever activities you have planned.

These two items, easily stored in your hand luggage, are a godsend.

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Lip Sill

Due to the heights you will be reaching, is it very common for people’s skin and lips to dry out.

If not catered to, this could become quite uncomfortable and, needless to say, would be a bad way to start your trip.

Make sure you have in your carry on a lip sill. If you have a lip balm stick then, unlike Vaseline pots, these don’t count as liquids.


Even though your flight will most likely have films and tv episodes for you to enjoy, additional entertainment should not be overlooked.

Bringing a book (or two) to take a break from screen time can make the travel feel that much faster.

I would personally recommend a book you haven’t read before, so you are solely focused on the story at hand, instead of counting the clock. 

Furthermore, download your favourite playlists, tv series and films in advance. That way you will have more options for entertainment than the ones solely provided by the airline.

I would suggest the podcast by Jamie Laing and Sophie Haboo called ‘nearly weds’ if you fancy some funny lighthearted entertainment.

I hope these must-have essentials enable you to have a safe and comfortable flight to whatever adventure you may be embarking on!

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