My Experience Travelling Solo After University
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My Experience Travelling Solo After University

Victoria Causley December 24, 2022

After graduating from university, I always wanted to travel. I have always lived by the quote ‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’. And I felt like my journey was outside my hometown. While uni was amazing, it didn’t show me anything out the ordinary. But while I was there, my home friends were working solid 9-5 jobs and had no intention of leaving anytime soon. I was faced with the question – do I wait until someone wants to come with me or do I go solo? And yep, I chose to go solo. Here is my experience travelling solo after university.

I’d never travelled outside of Europe before this trip. That meant that, not only was the concept of flying slightly overwhelming, I also hadn’t been in any totally new climates or environments like the one I was heading to. I decided to book a month in Bali and did this with £200 in my account and the desperation to get out of England. I knew I would make the money, and I did.

How Did I Manage Travelling Solo After University?

I made sure I was fully prepared before leaving. Any jabs that I needed, I had. I bought lots of medication and flat-packed it into my rucksack in case I needed it. This relieved a lot of anxiety because I was able to relax knowing that I had everything I needed.

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I also commented on lots of traveller social media groups. to try to make friends before the trip. I used Gals Who Travel on Facebook and found so many friends on there who were in Bali at the same time as me! Social media is powerful in more ways than one and it’s definitely handy when travelling.

How To Make Friends While Travelling

Probably the most significant part of my solo adventure was the ten-day tour I booked to start my trip. This meant that I could make friends and ease myself into the solo trip I was embarking on. The tour meant I could ensure that I saw everything in a short period of time. It also meant that, when I went off to travel solo, I had the confidence to meet new people and had already adjusted to the new environment.

Bali was extraordinary. From the music, nightlife, and food to the yoga, peace and surf – it has everything. Everyone is happy in Bali. It’s a beautiful place to take that much-needed break; to see what’s out there for the first time and to fully absorb yourself into a new culture. It was an amazing place to go as my first solo trip and I will definitely be returning.

If you’re thinking of travelling solo (or travelling at all) then do it, do it and do it again. The world is wide and there is so much to see – don’t miss it!

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