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Nostalgic Primary School Memories That Make Me Miss It

Becky Milligan August 5, 2022

I am less than two months from starting my final year at university and potentially my last year in education. This fact has got me reminiscing about the good old days of primary school. Life was easier, the days were shorter, and the workload was easier to cope with. It was a dream! If, like me, you’re approaching the end of your educational journey, hopefully, you can also feel some nostalgia for these primary school memories.

Game day

One of my favourite days every year at primary school was game day. On this day, on the last week of school before summer, we were allowed to bring in any games we had. Board games, card games, even our Nintendo DS!

Mind you, there was always one person who put something rude in the Nintendo DS chat and got all the DS’s confiscated until someone confessed, but it was all part of the fun. The entire school spent the day just playing games. Honestly, it was amazing; I’d be down to do it again.

The Christmas plays

It was always exciting finding out what play we’d be doing and what part you’d get to play in it. At my primary school, the year ones and twos, year threes and fours, and year fives and sixes did a play each, with the lower year as the choir and the upper year as the main scripted parts.

I got to play the main parts in my year two and six plays, which was very exciting because I loved performing on stage. I will forever miss learning the lines and songs with my classmates, having rehearsals after school, and performing in front of everyone’s parents and the rest of the school!

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Massive games of rounders

You could hand me a rounders bat at practically any given moment, and I’d be ready to absolute swing for that ball. This was an amazing thing about primary school. I cannot tell you the excitement I’d get when finding out we would play rounders. And the thrill of hitting it far and getting a rounder while everyone cheers for you and celebrates you? There’s nothing quite like it.

The egg decorating contest at Easter

Every year on the last day before the Easter holidays, the year threes to sixes would spend the day decorating hardboiled eggs. We would set them up on our desks, and they would be judged by the headteacher, the school church’s Father and a special guest judge. We would then have an assembly, where they would announce the bronze, silver, and gold winners of the competition.

Not to brag, but I won gold twice and bronze once during those four years. I may have peaked at age 11, but that’s ok.

Sports day

Sports day made me actually enjoy sports at primary school. I was a dancer growing up, so athletics wasn’t my thing, but sports day brought out my true runner competitive side. We would split up into our four houses and compete against the other houses in various races to earn points for our house. It sounds like I’m describing the plot of Harry Potter, but I promise I’m not!

One of my favourite primary school memories is my year six sports day. My friend and I came up with a chant for our house, and we taught everyone in our house the chant. It was incredible to hear everyone in our house chanting along when someone was racing. And, better yet, our house won that year!

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Victorian day

Victorian day was a day of dressing up like a Victorian, using Victorian names, eating Victorian food, playing Victorian games in the playground, and learning about the Victorian lifestyle. I used to love these days because I’ve always been interested in learning about different parts of history. So, living a day like Victorians was super interesting to me!

We also got to visit a Victorian Manor as a part of one of these days, where we made sugar mice and spit-roasted a pig. It was a pretty cool experience.

The food

More specifically, that one cake with the icing and sprinkles on top. You know the one. And, if you miss it as much as I do, here’s a BBC good food recipe to make it!

The takeaway message

Going into my last year of full-time education makes me somewhat sad. But, the memories I have made along the way make education worth it, in my opinion. Primary school had its ups and downs, and these were the best parts of my primary school experience. I hope this article can also bring back some happy nostalgic primary school memories for some of you!

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