Only One In Ten Brits Think Enough Is Being Done To Stop Russia
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Only One In Ten Brits Think Enough Is Being Done To Stop Russia

Rachael Grealish March 13, 2022

Only one in ten Brits think countries in the west are doing enough to stop Russia from winning the war in Ukraine.

Just over two weeks ago Russia invaded Ukraine, since then millions of people have been displaced from their homes, lives have been lost, and major cities bombed.

Many Western countries have now put sanctions on Russia – including the British government putting sanctions against seven Russian oligarchs, including the Chelsea football club owner, Roman Abaramovich, with an estimated combined worth of £15bn.

The West Isn’t doing Enough

However, only ten percent of Britons think the economic actions the West is taking against Russia, and the military aid being sent to Ukraine, is enough to stop the Russians from winning.

Only two percent of these thought western governments have done ‘more than enough’ to stop Russia.

According to a recent YouGov poll two thirds, 67 percent, say that it is not enough, evenly split between the 34 percent who say it is ‘not quite enough’ and the 33 percent who say it is ‘not nearly enough’.

Brits Don’t Want Troops In Ukraine

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Brits want to see troops from the UK sent over to Ukraine to stop them.

In another recent survey just under a quarter, 24 percent, backed the idea of sending troops to Ukraine, and 27 percent supported the idea of air strikes against Russian targets in the country.

But overall over half of Brits, 56 percent, said they were ‘very concerned’ about the situation in Ukraine and only two percent said they were ‘not concerned at all’ about it.

Last week the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said British forces will not fight Russian troops in Ukraine and will remain ‘firmly within the borders’ of NATO member states, during a press conference on his visit to a NATO base in Estonia.

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