Original Things To Do In London
London scenics
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Original Things To Do In London

Manon Lamy October 13, 2022

Do you love going to London? You probably do. It’s such an exciting city with so much to offer and there’s always something for everyone that’s for sure.

However, there might come a point where you want to do something different than just going to the British Museum and shopping on Oxford Street.

These are perfectly acceptable things to want to do but here’s a list of some original things to do the next time you hit up London Town.

God’s Own Junkyard

Gods Own Junkyard, Unit 12 
Ravenswood Industrial Estate 
Shernhall Street , London 
E17 9HQ

Visiting God’s Own Junkyard might be the most original thing there is to do in this city. This neon sign museum was created by the late Chris Back who started by making signs for Soho strip clubs and brothels. He was noticed and actually ended up making a neon sign for Hollywood movies.

In this psychedelic warehouse, there are signs of all types. From movie props to religious statues to disco balls. This place simply has it all. If you walked past you simply wouldn’t know it was there.

Be careful because God’s Own Junkyard is only open at the weekends. However, they do have a little cafe so make sure you stop by to refuel for your next adventure.

Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Leighton House Museum

12 Holland Park Rd, London W14 8LZ

If you are wanting to switch up your museum visits to something other than the British Museum or the National Gallery then Leighton House might be for you. This isn’t just a house. It’s a palace in Kensington. It’s also a huge canvas.

Each floor of this house is full of paintings, sculptures and tiled rooms. Each is more beautiful than the previous. And for these wonders, you can thank Lord Frederic Leighton who thought that the best canvas of all would be his home. He wasn’t wrong.

The house has been closed for revocation but will reopen on October 15 with some stunning improvements. Go as soon as you can.

Explore the haunted underground stations

If ghosts and horror are more your speed then visiting the London Underground late in the day might be a good way of seeing some ghosts. The Underground dates back to 1863 so of course, there are haunted areas.

For one Liverpool Street Station is built on a mass burial site. Whilst many would never have thought this to be true it turned out it was. In 2015 they discovered skeletons under the station. Turns out they were plague victims during the Black Death. And apparently, they haunt the area. Chills.

Liverpool Street Station is not the only station that is haunted but if you truly want to see them all then you should look into it a bit more.

Abbey Road

If you are a Beatles fan then hopefully the name Abbey Road should ring a bell. If it doesn’t well then you might not be as true as a fan as you say you are. The Beatles recorded many an album at Abbey Road Studios. And bonus they used the crossing to make that iconic album cover.

If that’s what you like then go to Abbey Road and recreate the picture. Try to get run over as apparently, cars are not fans of the fans taking pictures on the crossing.

Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

The fake houses of Leinster Gardens

When the Metropolitan line was being built in the 1860s two houses had to be removed to make space for the tracks. However, locals were not happy and had then built the front of a house to give the appearance of real houses. 

We won’t give away which houses are the fake ones. Go there and find out by yourself. We promise it’s fun.

Food and/or drinks on the water

London has the Thames and the Thames has boats. Whilst that might seem very obvious to everyone (hopefully!) you might forget that some of these boats are bars and restaurants. There are so many so we suggest having a quick look at Tripadvisor to find the best one for you.

So if you want some food but want to have it in an original manner then maybe having a floating dinner could be fun. Don’t go if you get seasick though. Maybe stick to a nice dinner in Covent Garden or something.

Harry Potter walking tour

We’ve covered fans of horror and of the Beatles but we have not covered Harry Potter fans. However, for Potterheads, there is plenty to do in London as Harry is from around the area. Find yourself a walking tour that will take you to the real Dragon Alley, to Platform 9 and 3/4 as well as other fun things.

And if you don’t feel like being outdoors but still want to do something related to Harry Potter then book yourself to go to the Making of Harry Potter. It’s not in central London but there are buses that can take you. If you are a fan of the franchise it is definitely a must-do.

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