Yes your Alexa can set a timer and play you some music and help you out a lot. However, I am sure that there are so many skills that you didn’t know your Alexa could do. Here are some of the cool things your echo dot can do that you might not know yet.

Turn your lights on and off

Do you hate having to get up to turn your lights on and off? Well, Alexa can turn your lights off for you. If you ask nicely of course. By getting a connected plug or a connected lightbulb there is no more getting up to turn the lights off.

This will change your life, I guarantee it.

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‘Alexa help me in the kitchen’

You might not realise it but an Alexa can be very helpful in the kitchen. The Alexa has so many useful skills. The first one is helping you with your groceries. You can ask it to help you with your shopping list. On top of that, the Alexa can also give you recipes if you are stuck on what to make.

If you find it tricky converting units of measurement, the echo dot can help you with that, too.

gray round portable speaker on white table
Photo by Brandon Romanchuk on Keep your home secured

Are you worried about your home while you are away? Then look no further, because your Alexa can help you secure your house. You don’t have to pay for an expensive security system. Set up the Alexa Guard function in your app. Once you are ready to leave say ‘Alexa I’m leaving’ to enable it.

It will listen out for sound of glass breaking and any alarms and send you a notification in your app.


Are you curious about how to say certain phrases in French or any other language? Then ask your Alexa because it can translate small sentences in 37 languages. Now you’ll know how to say ‘thank you’ whenever you next travel.

Read you an audio book

Want to read but don’t want to read? Then get your Alexa to read you an audio book. So many stories are now available as audio books so that you can listen to them on the go in the car or the train.