Our Favourite Jurassic Park Film Franchise Moments
Scene from Jurassic Park
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Our Favourite Jurassic Park Film Franchise Moments

Molly Raby June 16, 2022

As the final Jurassic film comes out in cinemas, it is only right that we go back and appreciate the many iconic scenes that this franchise has given us. From tumbling cars to tense chase scenes, terrifying dinosaur attacks to unbreakable bonds of friendship, Jurassic films have it all.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

This is one of the most iconic Jurassic film franchise scenes. It is where all the anitcipation of the film culminates; the first look at the dinosaurs. We see them at the same time as Ellie Sattler (Dern) and Alan Grant (Neill), so we almost mirror their reaction.

Sattler’s wide-eyed gawping look, paired with the iconic soundtrack blaring behind her sends shivers down your spine every time. This was the beginning of a truly historic franchise.

Velociraptor attack (Jurassic Park)

It isn’t just the T-Rex’s that we feared in the original installment of Jurassic Park. It was the cunning velociraptors that hunt in packs of three and creep up on their prey that got us feeling all uncomfortable in our seats.

We see Wayne Knight’s Dennis Nedry being stalked by three of these monsters after he leaves the safety of the control room. While this film is a PG, we do see a fearful chase scene ending in black goo on Nedry’s face and a pan away, whilst we listen to a grown man scream.

Compys vs a child (The Lost World)

This film opens with a young girl being attacked by several Compys (Compsognathus). Whilst she does not die from her injuries, we hear her mother scream as she sees what has happened to her child and this is not pleasant.

Immediatley after, we switch to a shot of Ian Malcolm (Goldblum) yawning. This juxtaposition is classic Spielberg, mixing the harsh with the menial to get us laughing at our discomfort.

Photo by Murray Close/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

Freeing a T-Rex (Jurassic World)

In this 2015 film, Claire Dearing (Howard) needs to do something big to get out of her situation. Anyone else might have tried to shoot their way out or even run. But not Dearing!

She releases the largest, oldest T-Rex in the building. This is the original T-Rex from all the way back in Jurassic Park. And she just opens up the cage and let’s the dino loose. A real power move.

An undeserved death (Fallen Kingdom)

Being in a Jurassic film, there is a high probability that you will get eaten by a dinosaur at some point. But, that is not the issue in here. Claire’s assistant Zara Young (McGrath) was not just killed, she was terrorised.

During a big commotion, Young is initially picked up by a Pteranodon. Then flung about in the air, being passed about by different dinosaurs. She is then drowned, twice. All before a Mosasaurus emerges from the water and eats both the Pteranodon and Young.

Whilst this was wholly uncalled for, she was in a dinosaur enclosure, so I guess that was always a possibility.

Giganotosaurus (Dominion)

The final film in this franchise sees all your favourite characters back together. And of course, they find themselves up against a Giganotosaurus. After climbing into a nearby tower, the group of seven are up against a wall, literally.

However, team work makes the dream work and with Dearing and Sattler stabbing the monster, Kayla Watts (Wise) sending arrows into its face and Owen Grady (Pratt) doing his usual fast-moving dino skills, they manage to evade the predator.

This scene is a perfect culmination of the franchise, with everyone working together to try and save their friends in the face of literal death.

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