Plastic-Free Christmas Gift Alternatives
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Plastic-Free Christmas Gift Alternatives

Ellie-Rose Baker December 11, 2022

I love giving gifts. Even more than that, I love giving landfill-reducing gifts. There are plastic-free alternatives to almost everything nowadays. So, here are some plastic-free gift ideas that I am obsessed with this Christmas!

Soaps/Naked Toiletries

Whether these are from high street stores such as Lush or The Body Shop, or independent businesses, giving nice smellies is a Christmas gift tradition. Naked shampoo or shower gel bars are so popular now, you’ll even find them in your local supermarket. They last longer AND are zero-waste! When buying these, be careful to check the ethics of the company if you can – to avoid greenwashing.

A cheeky bonus for this one is that it will make your wardrobe (everyone’s present hiding place!) smell delicious.

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Handmade Candles

These are gifts that I would love to try out for my family. By saving up your empty jam jars, you can make a whole series of gorgeous candles with various scents and colours to suit everyone’s personalities. Decorating the label with a unique name is a lovely touch, and again, there is no waste, and no plastic!

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Photo Albums

I think this is my personal favourite at the moment. With thousands of photos on your phone, don’t you think it’s about time that you sorted through them? Apps such as Snapfish and FreePrints make the process of creating a photo album SO easy, and it’s such a thoughtful gift.

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Experience Gifts

Why not give nothing? As in, nothing physical. Gift experiences such as afternoon teas, ice skating sessions or spa days are just as gratefully received, if not more than a normal gift. It gives something to look forward to in the New Year, a time which can be quite lonely after the bustle of Christmas, particularly for those elderly relatives.

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