Rating Things I’ve Tried To Finish An Essay On Time
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Rating Things I’ve Tried To Finish An Essay On Time

Jessica Hamilton February 14, 2022

No matter how much time I was given, or how difficult the subject was, I would always start an essay a couple of days before the deadline. I was convinced that my best work would be created in a caffeinated, sleep-deprived and almost delusional state. And yet, three months later, I’d find I barely scraped a 2.1. Nothing motivates a procrastinator like the panic of a next-day deadline. But I had to find some other ways to keep me going.

Do you find time management isn’t your strong point? Want to know how on earth you’ll reach the deadline? Drastic times call for drastic measures. But you don’t have to take them. Continue reading to find out what’s actually useful. 

Listening to Mario Kart Music – 2/5

After seeing this on TikTok in a desperate state, I found the YouTube playlist and played it until I finished my essay. Although I did complete the essay with time to spare, I also went insane in the process. In my opinion, this option should be a last resort. Because you will find yourself unable to sleep due to the coconut mall song playing on a loop in your head. But go ahead and check out the playlist.

15 minute yoga – 4/5

In my final year I became very familiar with yoga with Adrienne’s youtube channel. Finding the effort for yoga is difficult, so I stuck with the 15 minute videos. Who would have though stepping away from your laptop screen after being there for six hours would be beneficial? Taking a quick breather cleared my head and gave me a better idea on what to write! Check out my go-to video below.

Manifesting – 0/5

Yes I believe in the law of attraction, but writing down ‘I will get a first’ 10 times instead of doing work was not the best idea. 

Caffeine – 2/5

I would never advise anyone to consume large amounts of caffeine. However, I don’t listen to my own advice and have drank multiple cups of coffee to try to finish an essay in time. While it definitely made me reach the word-count faster, the crash was not worth it. 

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Asking my academic advisor for extra time – 3/5

A lot of students will have thought about sending a long rambling email to their advisor at 4am asking for extra time. Those who followed through on the idea know they’ll receive a mitigating circumstance form in response. Extra time can be allowed, and it definitely does help. But I wouldn’t rely on this method. It can get difficult to look your advisor in the eye during the next seminar. 

You should try

It might be too late to do this now but, for the next essay, give yourself time! If you struggle with managing your time, there are lots of templates you can use online. Be open with your lecturers if you’re struggling with your workload. They’re understanding and are there to help. 

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