Reading People's Auras: Try This Trick With Your Friends
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Reading People's Auras: Try This Trick With Your Friends

Cicely McFarlane July 24, 2022

Whether you believe in auras and spiritualism or not, doing this trick and seeing if it works on you and your friends can be fun.

An aura is an energy field that is related to a specific colour that will surround the body, animal, or object in question. Each colour has different properties and meanings, and tips to view this invisible energy field, and then research what colour fits the description, is an interesting trick to try.

How to do this

There are three steps that you need to follow to be able to try to view somebody’s aura.

Step 1: 

Get the person to stand about two meters in front of you and ensure that the background behind them is either completely white or black.

This will allow you to try to view whatever colour may surround the person effectively.

Ensuring that the light is not overly bright or overly dark can create the perfect conditions to try a reading.

Step 2:

You must now focus on the nose of the person in front of you. Don’t concentrate too hard or let your gaze wander. Your focus must be relaxed as you also acknowledge your peripheral view.

This means that, although you were looking at the person’s nose, you will also be noticing the features around it.

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Step 3:

If done correctly, you will now move on to step three. This is where you will begin to start to see a shadowy outline of the person’s body. Staying relaxed and keeping your view central will allow for this outline to grow.

Step 4:

If this works, you should focus on the outline surrounding the person in front of you, as you slowly then start to move your gaze from the nose up to the person’s forehead.

This must be a slow and gentle movement that will also ensure you can get a better view of the shadow around the person. You may start to see a slight colour form, or a difference in the shadow surrounding them. Try to take notice of this colour, as this is how you read what the aura says about them.

Head to Google and type in the colour of the aura that you believed to have seen and see what it says! Below are some of the most common colours and what they mean.

Blue: If you have seen blue, then this person is extremely charismatic and expiring. They are peacemakers and do not like confrontation.

Green: This colour means that the person is very determined and hard working. They are a realist and a perfectionist.

Pink: Pink is the colour of someone who is extremely generous, caring, and loyal. They are extremely friendly and have a strong moral compass.

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